10 Most Annoying Videogame Cliches

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We all love Gaming and some of us have been at it for years. Although the fun we have had playing all those awesome videogames is second to none, we do think that the experience could have been much much better if it were not for some annoying as fuck cliches which has made its way into a lot more games than any of us would have wanted them to.

Today, Gamersmint looks back at such annoying/irritating/retarded gaming cliches which has…at some point of time made most of us go mad.

These cliches are not present in one or two games but games in general. Yes, your all-time fav game might have had them or the last game you played might have had them aswell. They are truly infectious!  We have had enough of these and would wish that they fade out into oblivion, making our gaming experience much more delightful in the process.

Let’s put one hand close to our hearts and venture through these annoying gaming cliches (Sorry, if it brings back memories of frustration)

We wish all heroes could swim like that!

1. Heroes can Never Swim

Ever wondered why the main character of a game who eats monsters like Dragons or Elite Soldiers for breakfast, has amazing super human abilities to boot and can kill a Giant with his bare hands, dies instantly if he falls into a river or heck even a sewer for that matter? So have we. We have seen uncountable games which features a badass main protagonist who can do everything but swim. I mean seriously, a guy capable of saving the universe and kicking more ass than we can count, can’t swim? Also, if your hero can’t swim than why include water in the gameworld in the first place? Why not ignore it altogether? Atleast, unsuspecting gamers like us, won’t jump to our deaths trying to have a quick swim in the river that way.

We wish this cliche drowns itself never to appear in another videogame ever again.

This guy won’t go down no matter what you threw at him

2. Bullet Sponge Enemies

We get that it’s a videogame and heroes can take a helluva lot of damage before you are introduced to the “game over” screen but when it takes 10 times more bullets to bring down an opponent, you know there’s something terribly wrong. We have played various games (mostly FPS) which have enemies which can take an entire inventory worth of weapon damage and still be happily jumping around. And that’s not all, these enemies will be changing their form and powers accordingly, just when you shoot that rocket into their thick skin and think it’s over, that dude will just morph into something bigger and worse. We know shooting enemies is fun but this is ridiculous.

We hope enemies won’t take this sort of effort in future games and want to do away with this retarded cliche for good.

If only they were as clever as the enemy A.I

3. Retarded A.I Companions

We have been accompanied by A.I companions in videogames since time immortal and although it’s great to have someone or a lot of people by our side when confronting the enemy, there are games where these dumbwits just add to our woes. While some games have great A.I buddies to help us out, unfortunately a large number of them feature absolutely terrible ones who can do anything but help you. The best they will do is run out like Rambo towards the enemies and meet with a quick and painful death and the worse is that they will think they are a fucking door and try to replace one in the vicinity, blocking your way in the process.

The sad part is if we kill these dumbwits than the mission fails and we can only pray that these amazing creations of technology won’t block our progress or give our position away. We have only one thing to say to the devs of those games, if you can’t make good A.I stuff, just don’t do it and spare us this torture.

Why can’t I reach my home??

4. Invisible Walls

Most games claim to feature a “big” gameworld for you to explore but don’t blindly believe every dev which states so. From the oldest of games to the newest ones, there will come a time when a poor innocent gamer like us will try to explore a portion of the game but wouldn’t be allowed to do so. These poor guys (we included) will then think it’s a glitch or there PC that’s preventing them from doing so before finally realizing that the devs had decided to conveniently  put in place an invisible wall in order to make the game look like vast but save time.

How many times have we seen some great landmark in the background but were blocked off while trying to run towards it? Or when was the last time that you wanted to jump off a cliff realizing that the game you’re playing completely sucks but couldn’t do so coz a good ol invisible wall was blocking you off? We hear you and wish that the devs of these games will stop resorting to such mean tactics.

What’s worse, even most of the newer games (cough…MOH…cough) features it.

Look behind, I am carrying a mythical sword!

5. Strange Items Drops in RPGS

Boy, this must be as important a question as the meaning of life itself. I mean, how often have you seen a wolf drop a fire ring and 100 gold or a Zombie drop Holy water or a fucking Imp drop that mythical sword that was foretold to be somewhere throughout the game? I mean, why on earth would these creatures be carrying such items and even if they do, I would like to know what use are those to them? I know collecting items are fun in RPGs but the devs must atleast try and put some thought to it when it comes to item drops. Killing an wolf for fur and meat, a man like me can understand but 1000 gold and a Sword. Give me a break guys.

We would wish that future RPGs do away with this moronic trend please.

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  • http://www.lollipopmoon.com LollipopMoon

    Good Work ..

    Thanks for Sharing..

  • Ben

    How about a 250 lb. bad a$$ with a 5 ft. long sword and just killed some juggernaut. Only to find out that he or she can not kill a cockroach.

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    10 Most Annoying Videogame Cliches | GamersMint That is good to take into consideration, you gave me some thing to think about on bike ride to home from my cousins. Will you be writing more about this topic? FYI I tried your rss button and it didnt work. I will try again in a few hours.

  • http://www.zurmat.com Sarah Farrukh

    IGI is ma favorite Game ever

    • http://www.gamersmint.com Kartik Mudgal

      @ Sarah, yeah it was pretty good.

  • D

    Inability to put down what’s in your hands and use them for the thing God intended, grasping and eventually climbing.

  • http://kashadoo.livejournal.com Kashadoo

    Automatic turret. When you see that turret in a specific place – game tells you to moutn it and shoot some hordes of enemies coming right at you. It was fun first 10 thousands of times I did it, now it’s… it’s really not fun. Who could you not list it as a cliche anyway?

    • http://www.gamersmint.com Cyborg

      Yes, that’s a good one.

  • Davve

    Bullet sponge enemies….shame uncharted 3 will be the same in that regards. A real shame. Seems like so many people are graphics whores so they don’t care, but i do..

    • http://www.gamersmint.com Cyborg

      Hey Dave,

      That’s already in the list

  • JS100

    Number 10 is Bosses. I hate the need for bosses, unless its a dungeon/castle.

    • http://www.gamersmint.com Cyborg


      Some bosses are really fun t beat though

  • http://www.yacamanproductions.com Yacaman

    Gaming Cliche #10

    The retarded side kick ment to be the punch line but is annoying to the point of almost breaking a story.
    Im looking at you Final Fantasy ( All of you)
    IM looking at you Oblivion with the geek fan at the arena who i loved killing.

    • http://www.gamersmint.com Cyborg

      Haha, they can be get pretty irritating sometimes. 😀

  • Ed

    I still hate the regenerating health. It’s one thing that you get your face blown off and then you go chill and regenerate or whatever, but why the hell do so many games cover your screen in crappy looking gore effects. I miss the good old days of health packs, even if they are just as unrealistic. Perhaps they should make a comeback, but you have to spend a couple of seconds patching yourself up. That would be pretty cool I think.

  • Ahasverus

    Russian Terrorists
    Space Marines
    Mob Sandboxes


    • http://www.gamersmint.com Cyborg

      Space Marines, that’s a really good one. Can you write a short para about it and paste it as a comment?

  • xpandemic


    The bad camera angles! for gods sake, epic mickey looked promising but once again ruined by bad camera angles. Thats my vote for #10

  • Zeraph

    Worst gaming cliche is seeing gaming site make a “top 10” list of anything. This is no exception.

  • Big League Chew

    Very good read! Highly recommend.

    Excellent work.

  • Orionsaint