343 Industries working on possible “Halo HD Remake”

Well, everyone saw this coming didn’t they?

A job listing posted by 343 industries has all but confirmed that the studio is working on the next Halo title right now.

According to the listing, they are looking for an experienced mission designer for their next big project.

They insist that anyone applying for the job must a have passion for Halo, among other things:

We are looking for an agile and collaborative individual who has a passion for games, Halo, and trying new things. This is your chance to join one of the most talented teams in the industry!

What, you’re still not convinced? We hear you! If the above specification is not proof enough, good old 343 industries have stated this as a qualification requirement for anyone applying for the job:

Rabid Halo fan – be prepared to demonstrate that you’ve played and thought a lot about the game

Now, a passion for Halo and in-depth knowledge regarding the franchise, we can’t help but think that all of these requirements suggest that the studio is infact working on a next-gen HD remake of the original Halo title for Xbox 360.

You can go through the entire thing over here

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