What is it About?

Gamersmint is an online Gaming Community started in 2009 by Debabrata Nath and Nitesh Rohit. It deals with the Indian and International gaming Scene. We at GamersMint desire to deliver all the latest happenings in the gaming world directly to our readers. While we shall provide our readers with on-the-dot game reviews, previews, news and rumors, GamersMint will also come out with original features, developer interviews and interesting articles. This should help our readers develop an understanding for the inner workings of a gaming studio and know their games better.

Gamersmint will also be highlighting the Indian Gaming Industry and would be keeping a close vigil on it by covering many stories revolving around it and it will also try to promote it at the International level.

Special Features

Our readers will benefit from the varied editorial staff that GamersMint houses. Having both game-centric and film-based writers gives us the opportunity to broaden the scope of our articles. Expect monthly interviews with big names in the Gaming Industry and original weekly features, which will lay emphasis on the finer aspects of gamemaking. GamersMint will also bring you the inside stories revolving around the Gaming Industry. With a fresh look on all genres and focus on the much forgotten multiplayer side of gaming, our readers have a lot to look forward to.

Physical Presence

GamersMint hopes to jump out of the webspace and interact with its readers mano-a mano. By setting up gaming lounges and organizing gaming tourneys across the country, GamersMint hopes to elevate the status of gaming in the society. It’s also involved in cultivating a keen interest and providing education regaring the medium through its various programmes. All of this pushes us one step closer to our absolute motive: Bringing Video Games to a wider audience, young or old.