Adobe: Flash 11 to have browser games comparible to PS3/Xbox 360

Adobe is conscious about how they no longer can take Flash Player’s position on the Web for granted with lots of new alternatives from opposing brands are entering the browser-based plugin market. This is the reason why the company plans to ship Flash Player 11, there latest Flash plugin in two weeks’ time.

It’ll be launched during the company’s Max developer conference early next month in order to send a strong message: Flash isn’t out of market, the Adobe is going to push it.

Flash 11 will perhaps be the most advanced Flash plug-in to date, with an interface called Molehill which enables hardware-accelerated 3D and 2D graphics. Although it might not be enough to either please Apple or Microsoft, both of whom have kept their hands off the plug-in, but it’ll still do a lot considering it’ll enabled for much for powerful video-games to be developed for web-browsers and one of the Flash’s forte is web-based games.

Danny Winokur, Adobe’s platform general manager claimed that with Flash’s new found ability to animate millions of objects at a frame rate of 50, people can expect home-console like graphic output for Flash-based games.

“With direct access to the GPU [graphics processing unit], you’ll see a thousand times faster rendering over prior versions of Flash,” said Danny Winokur, Adobe’s platform general manager. With the ability to animate millions of objects at a screen refresh rate of 50 frames per second, people can expect “console-quality games” such as those on an Xbox or PS3, but in a Web browser.

Adobe’s also added 64-bit support for the new version of the plug-in.

Below is the video which explains what the new version of Flash will come packed with and why you should be paying attention to it.