Battlefield 3 dev says comparing the PC version with consoles unfair

We got to see the first ever Battlefield 3 console gameplay footage earlier today, thanks to a live demo of the game which was shown during the game’s appearance on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show. However, this has led to gamers comparing the PS3 version of the game with that of the PC, with various forums and websites doing comparison pieces putting both the versions of the game toe to toe, where the PC version emerged out as the superior looking build.

However, DICE aren’t too pleased with the console version of the game being compared to the PC one. Johan Andersson, Rendering Architect of BF3 says that if the console version of the game would have looked identical with the PC one, then they would have failed with the PC version. He said this via a tweet:

why would anyone expect that console would look the same as PC? if that was the case we would have failed with the PC version

What he means to say is, with the superior resources available on the PC, if both the versions would still look identical, then it would be poor work on their part for PC gamers. The game is bound to look better on the PC, but that doesn’t mean they’ve tried to make a inferior product for console gamers. DICE plans to delivery the best for both sections of the gaming populace but within the confines of each platforms hardware.

We completely agree with them, and feel that it’s indeed unfair to compare the console version with the PC one since the PC hardware on offer is far superior than those of the HD consoles.

You can check out some recently released PC screenshots of the game over here.

Battlefield 3 releases on October 25 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

  • MechanicalHeart

    I think is quite clear a PC can out perform a console.  Anybody who says otherwise is in clear denial.  My problem is not with that, but the upturned nose attitude of some gamers, PC and console alike.  People who want the best graphics possible will obviously go with PC and people who aren’t as concerned may go with console.  Neither is at fault and should respect each other’s decision on their gaming choice rather than belittle or hark “Mine trumps yours because ____”  Some people prefer mouse and keyboard while others prefer a controller.  I view it as personal choice.  Quite frankly, I’ve found redeeming factors in both PC AND console gaming.  Each has some excellent experiences to offer and I can only suggest dabbling in both.

  • Nathan

    Hmm, a $1500 gaming machine built in 2011? Or what was a $600 gaming machine in 2006? Wonder which will win.

  • yardz

    hey, Hi.

    I use the console. I know its not better. But it cost me $199.00….. so…. thats why. 

    Why the fuck is this stil a conversation?

  • Digimon Master

    comparing console to pc is unfair of course.

    PC – level A100

    console – level 5

    PC is on a completely different level.

    how do you judge a game ? based on the beauty of the graphics + gameplay of the game .
    while taking advantage of the beauty of the graphics that the DEVs have put so much time and effort to make their graphics sparkle.

    do you just let that go to waste? and just worry about what the HYPE is and continue to buy shitty graphic games?

    would you still play and buy a game that has shitty as hell graphics but awesome gameplay?
    beautiful graphics and good gameplay makes the consumer happy. knowing it’s quality stuff.

    a brand new console costs how much ? 300 – 400 dollars? brand new when it comes out is about that price. or more. you can build yourself a decent PC rig . with buying extra controllers and your games, paying your XBOX live supscription, dealing with lag and other people’s connections as a “server” based game . you lose connection to host, and gotta sit in the lobby and wait for the game to find a new host.

    a decent PC rig is $600 – $800 minimum . its a full entertainment system, will do anything and much more than just 1 console alone.

    i’m glad EA and DICE decided to make BF3 a PC game rather than a console game. the PC community needs a game to bring the community back to life. little kids have taken over the game market, its all about what attracts the little kids. this is why BF3 is rated MA for MATURE AUDIENCES , while MW3 will be rated G for General Audiences.

    • Phil

      Really, all that happened was people decided to say that pc gets better graphics then us, and then they responded with that. Nobody ever said that it’s a “PC” game, it’s just consoles took notice to the fact that pc had better graphics. Infinity Ward and treyarch both created games where pc has better graphics.

  • Alex Hart

    Good on them for the console version. Not everyone can afford a gaming rig.

  • Pokemon trainer

    fuck console . why should DEVS who make a PC game care about console gamers? its for PC first. not console. DICE is DICE , not gayass ACTIVISION

    • Phil

      Maybe cuz millions more play consoles then pc? just a thought

      • Cyborg

        The benchmark of judging the quality of the game shouldn’t be graphics. If you want to compare both version, compare the overall gameplay experience and if the console version is buggy or inferior to the PC version. If that’s the issue, the concerns are justified but you can’t accuse DICE of making full use of the PC’s hardware and producing better visuals.

  • Teriander

    This isn’t the first time a game took full advantage of the power of the PC while only giving half of that power to the console, primarily because the console can’t handle what most PCs can. 

    The face is, the XBox and PS3 do NOT have the power of a Geforce 480+ (or ATI equivalent) under the hood. Most gamer PCs do.  Some even with SLI. Why should PC gamers be given 2007 quality when their machines can handle 2011 and beyond? 

    Console users have NO idea what is AA, Anisotropic filters, 1920×1200, HDR, Bloom, etc…  PC gamers see these settings and say “bless the maker!” 

  • JustSaiyan

    yeah because PCs aren’t any better than consoles or anything like that right? Oh, well i guess some people have to keep their children happy, but not that happy :]

  • Ziras

    I think that Crewman has a remarkable resemblance to Bill Paxton, maybe its just me though.