Battlefield 3 Limited Edition revealed, ships with Back to Karkand DLC pack

A image has revealed a planned Battlefield 3: Limited Edition and the contents that it’ll come with.

The limited edition will include the Battlefield Field 3: Back to Karkand DLC pack which will include 4 maps from Battlefield 2, re-imagined with DICE’s latest Frostbite 2 engine with full destruction and physics effects thrown in.

It’ll also come with classic Battlefield 2 weapons and vehicles which fans of the series would love to use. The pack will also have achievements/trophies to unlock and some unique rewards, details of which has not been provided at this point of time.

Back to Karkand DLC pack will be available for purchase after one month of the game’s release as a standalone product. Anyone who pre-orders the game can have access to it from day one.

You can check out the poster above which details the following.

We’ll check with EA to confirm what other goodies it’ll come with and when it’ll be available for pre-order. Stay tuned

Battlefield 3 got its first teaser trailer yesterday, with DICE earlier confirming that the game will get a proper reveal over at GDC 2011, which starts from March 1.

They’ve assured that the PC version of the game will be getting “special attention“.

The game won’t be supporting Windows XP however, so if you’re running that and want to play this, now would be a good time to move on and switch to Windows 7.

The first details regarding the game were revealed yesterday, you can read about them over here.

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