Bethesda: Consoles to be the lead platform for Skyrim, aim to make it “really accessible”

In an interview with CVG, Bethesda’s Craig Lafferty said that Skyrim has been developed with consoles as the lead target.

The lead producer on Skyrim said: “We use the consoles as our lead SKU… So we develop towards the consoles and then porting to PC is usually not too bad actually .”

The above comments are likely to cause PC gamers a bit of grief, and the next thing on Craig Lafferty’s mind was unlikely to appease them.

“We wanted to take it and make it really accessible,” the producer said.“… We still have the complexity behind the scenes, but we wanted to make it so that you could pick up the controller and play and it was easy; the average person could get into it…We knew we wanted to make the user interface a little bit more open and available … get away from the stats and things like that.”

Hopefully this doesn’t mean we will be getting a dumbed down version of the RPG, but rather a slicker and more streamlined game. Simplifying RPG’s usually equates to commercial success, but also causes a split in your core audience, as we saw with Dragon Age 2. Bethesda will have to make sure they don’t alienate its established fan base in its quest to please the “average person”.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim releases on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on November 11.

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  • Azeo

    Another game on the list that I will not buy and pirate the shit out of. These devs dont deserve our money.

  • HAL 9000

    What really makes me sad, is that all developers around the world are more and more focusing on the money itself. The goal isnt any longer to create a great game, or enjoyment for the customers, they only want the money, and will do whatever it takes to get more of it…

    • D.

      You can blame the publishers for that, HAL. The last 10 years has not been pleasant for the industry, especially because of how the “big players” treat the smaller companies. I could quote a few of the major incidents involving Activision or EA, but I feel like everyone already knows all about that stuff. Just be thankful that indie devs are making a come back, y’know? To be frank, I just hope the world never sees another Dragon Age 2 when it comes to the “devs/publishers are in it for the money.”

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  • December

    If you squint really hard, you can see that their reasoning is actually a veiled insult towards console gamers. The next installment in a popular PC series must be actively developed on consoles and then dumbed down in order to be ‘accessible’ for consoles players.

    Way to go.

  • Melander

    Uh, No a 900$ pc will run all games on max settings even if you steal a computer from mexico im prety sure it could run most games at a low setting

  • Master Race

    To whomever said you need a $3,000 computer to run Skyrim: YOU’RE ABSOLUTELY WRONG. It’s been proven that a $269 computer can run new releases at higher FPS than consoles, and at higher settings and resolution too. IN YOUR FACE, CONSOLE PEASANTS!

  • DaPieGuy

    I don’t understand why PC gamers are getting so mad about this game when it hasn’t even been released yet and they have literally NO idea what the final version will be like and if its that bad for PC play it on console like everyone else because they don’t want to pay £3000 for a decent gaming computer.

    It may be a bit dumbed down but its not that bad. At least they have made the game for PC and not done what Rockstar did and make RDR and LA Noire for console only so consider yourself lucky because times are changing and consoles are more popular now.

    • SeriousLife


    • December

      You can’t understand why a PC game series being turned into a console game might sorta-kinda upset PC gamers? Open your eyes.

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  • Wanderer

    Publishers keep making the games more and more accessible even though they have already caught a huge casual gamer market on consoles. People who have no idea how the game is made fit for them; the same news that keep making the aware pc gamers mad. How about you try to make complex game with proper tutorial for the idiots incapable of thought..

    I still hope it’s not going to be over simplified or lack the mod support. At least with mod support you are able to fix the horrid inventory system so fit for bethesda. Rethinking the inventory system for pc release shouldn’t take that much time..