Bethesda Sues Minecraft Creator Over “Scrolls”

Bethesda seems to have joined the exclusive club alongside EDGE owner Tim Langdell of filing lawsuits “which doesn’t make any sense”. They’ve sent a 15 page letter to Minecraft creator Notch demanding him to re-name his upcoming project which is titled Scrolls. This is because they feel that it is similar to their own RPG franchise’s name – The Elder Scrolls. They’ve threatened to sue him if he doesn’t stop using it immediately and have already demanded compensation before even starting a legal battle.

Notch posted a detailed report regarding this on his blog which mentions the entire episode in minute details. However, like him, we fail to see how “Scrolls” and “The Elder Scrolls” have anything in common, we’re not even sure if trademarking such a word is possible. Even if this does indeed get dragged into court, it appears Bethesda will be the one ending up losing face and a lot of goodwill.

We hope, as Notch stated, that this is just “lawyers being lawyers” and isn’t a move taken by Bethesda and the lawsuit won’t be filed, espcially when Skyrim is so near to its release.

We’ll keep you updated.