Big Sony Surprise planned for May 13 GTTV show

Update: Warhawk creator, Dylan Jobe has just tweeted that his next project will be unveiled next Friday, which is when the GTTV episode’s planning a surprise. Isn’t that hard to put two and two together now.

The wait is over next Friday…#DylanLightsTheFuse

The wait indeed is over. Expect Starhawk to be announced over at the show, unless something really exceptional, is being planned.

Original Story: Spike TV’s schedule reveals that the May 13 episode of GTTV is titled Sony surprise. This hints that they’re going to reveal a new PS3 exclusive or something even more exciting.

Although, the listing provides no additional details regarding what this might be about but it is safe to assume that an entire episode dedicated to Sony and title “Sony Surprise” wouldn’t be their usual stuff.

Expect a big announcement to be made during the show. We’re betting it’s going to be Starhawk’s announcement if sources close to us are to be believed.

However, it might turn out to be something different altogether, so hold your horses for now. We’ll only know once the show airs, but this is bound to please Sony fans in the wake of the ongoing PSN outage.

More updates as they arrive.