Biggest Commercial Failures Of 2010

Another year of gaming passed, with it’s fair share of successes and failures. While the “successes” has been hailed as the best games of its times, the commercial failures are disregarded as being a game at all. This feature focuses on this down aspect of the year.

Gamersmint presents to you a list of Top 10 Videogame commercial failures of 2010, the games which had lots of expectations and “potential” pre release, but failed to capitalize on those expectations post release in terms of their sales numbers. Call it poor marketing, buggy release builds, publishing trouble or simply a bad game, but the following games failed to win gamers’ hearts and their money.

1.) Ninety Nine Nights II

“One million troops”, that’s what was screamed at fellow gamers during Konami’s E3 conference. How unfortunate of them to be right! If the prequel was somewhat playable, the X360 exclusive sequel soared to new heights in epic boredom. Highly repetitive, the game only offered mindless boring hacking through a sea of dumb enemy AI, with a poor story to boot. No wonder producer’s Tak Fujii dream of this “Extreme” hack n slash to make records got too extreme for gamers to digest, resulting in a Meta Critic score of  45 and very poor sales.

2.) Splatterhouse:

The remake of the 1988 beat’em up Splatterhouse, this game showed promise with it’s gory, bloody trailers and screens. However despite its chain of promises and taunting as the “most goriest game”, it most certainly flopped. Awful platforming, tricky camera angles and buckets of glitches and bugs marred the otherwise gory gameplay and impressive visuals. Fans of violent games might have enjoyed it, but for the general public, this game was a huge flop.

3.) Dark Void:

The concept sounded good in theory. Jetpacks, vertical cover, dog fighting UFOs, overall an innovative shooter on Unreal Engine 3. However, when it came to being practical, this game fared well below the pre release expectations. Repetitive enemies, same old ground cover combat, short campaign and a lack of multiplayer couldn’t fully capitalize on the potential of this otherwise fun game.

4.) Hydrophobia:

In the news for its ingame “Dynamic Water Effects”, Hydrophobia looked to be an promising release. However, poor sales and bad scores threw a different picture. True, the game had a gripping atmosphere with an constant sense of drowning and the unique ability to use real time water effects to your advantage. However, the game had lots of glitches to break away the atmospheric tension. Coupled with lacklustre combat, repetitive and sometimes frustating gameplay, weird controls, irritating narrative, lack of proper HUD and many other minor issues here and there, ensured that Hydrophobia sank in the dreaded oceans.

However, a new update titled Hydrophobia Pure which fixes almost all the issues of the game together with a reduction in price to a mere 800 MS points might make many gamers to reconsider. In it’s original form though, Hydrophobia was better left in the waters.

5.) Quantum Theory:

A cool over the top sci fi title with promises of engaging TPS gameplay was what we perceived with the pre release trailers. However, post release, the game churned out to be yet another Gears clone which failed in the market, miserably. Just everything is wrong with Quantum theory: extremly repetitive gameplay, stupid A.I, bad graphics with bland textures and a taste of cheapness blistered throughout the game. Bottom line is, Quantum Theory doesn’t even get the basics of the game right and with poor sales records and universal negative reviews, is a total failure.

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  • D

    I know next to nothing about video-gaming but found this very informative without being boring. Completely intelligible even to a layman like me.

    And maybe MatthewMk2 should get his spelling strai(gh)t. :)

    Great job, Gravito!

  • Theturk

    Agreed with every  one of your top ten.
    I really enjoyed Enslaved. i compared it to a colourful kid brother of Uncharted.
    The other game on the list that I bought, installed and played for several hours before giving up in despair was FFXIV – which really disappointed me.

    Decided to go back to the World of Alister Cloud . It’s a good five bucks read.

  • MatthewMk2

    You call these games commercial failures, yet you don’t quote any numbers. What were the sales figures? What was each games budget? How much money did they lose? What makes them failures? Prince of Persia had nothing to do with the movie, get your facts strait. Naughty Bear is getting a sequel, seems weird to make a sequel to a failure.

    Seems like you’re just pulling random games out your ass here.

    • Cyborg

      Hi Matthew,

      If you have any doubts that all of these failed successfully. Simply try and google their sales numbers. Also, we did mention the reasons each title bombed and would like you to read properly. Prince of Persia had actually everything to DO with the movie even though Ubisoft were denying it.

      We can’t reveal all the data to the public but rest assured we are NOT pulling out random games out of our ass. :)