Blizzard: We do not “have enough bandwidth” for Warcraft IV

Fans have been craving for Warcraft IV and with not even a single official hint at the title, it’s been an agonizing wait. And another mighty blow has just been struck.

In an interview with Strategy Informer, Cataclysm game designer David Kosak remarked that the company had yet to say anything official on the title.
Co-worker, Greg Street, commented saying that:

“Well, the World of Warcraft team is busy on World of Warcraft, and we have an RTS team but they are busy with Starcraft II, we don’t have enough bandwidth to tackle something like that right now.”

Although,this doesn’t rule it completely out of the picture as Blizzard is awfully quiet about their projects, it might take a while before the project eventually gets the green light.

  • Thomas