GoG Breaks Cover – Interview with Good Old Games

GOG.com or Good Old Games isn’t your usual digital distribution service. It’s unique and the only one which provides users with a complete… more »

Famitsu Speaks – Interview With Japanese Publication Famitsu

Few months back I was part of a research project aimed at learning more about the influence of Japanese visual-culture in India. We… more »

Candid Conversations – Interview with Supergiant Games

It does not happen very often. By the time I completed Bastion I felt content, happy – with my choices, excited – to… more »

Bioshock Infinite : 7 question with Ken Levine

Ken Levine, Creative Director – Irrational Games Bioshock : Infinite was announced as Irrational Games‘ latest project a few hours ago. Gamersmint has got up… more »

Interview : All you wanted to know about Shank

Jamie Chang, CEO, Kiel Entertainment Shank has been under our radar for quiet a while now, we first got a glimpse of the… more »

Interview: Director of Publishing, XSEED Games

We caught up with Ken Berry, Director of Publishing over at XSEED Games, which recently released Lunar:Sliver Star Harmony for the PSP. Read… more »

Dev Talk-Twisted Pixel Games

Deep in the fiery reaches of Austin, Texas breathes the flames of indie dev studio Twisted Pixel Games. Onlookers of this ever-growing cult… more »

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