Crash Bandicoot Cry Engine 2 screens makes you want it on PS3

Crash Bandicoot was undoubtedly one of the most popular PS1 franchises that was exclusive to Sony. It’s sad to see that no PS3 game for the mascot has been released yet .

However, a talented guy had created a mod using Cry Engine 2 which is a new Crash Bandicoot game, in full high-definition. We’ve got some great screenshots showing the visual prowess on offer.

Every Crash fan would have a smile on their faces after viewing this and wish Sony notices this, and makes a new Crash game for the PS3. Sadly, Activision owns the IP rights now and that is highly unlikely.

Enjoy the screenshots below:

Click on Image to view full screen:

You can view the video over here.

  • Crash Bandicoot Lover

    i wish from Naughty Dog to complete the Series of legend game(Crash Bandicoot) on the ps3,ps4 console, please please bacause we love this game since we were a children.

  • Bandicoots are WIN

    lol, I actually have a Crash Bandicoot plushie on my computer desk right now!

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  • Hero

    I fail to see how a pretty cool visual update is “ruining” the series, so shut the up please.

    CryEngine is amazing, and frankly, an updated Crash for the new generation is welcomed. Hell, we all want the game, and if they bring it back why would they keep the same old gfx from the PSOne era?

  • filipakos

    Crash was a nice game for its time and i think it should be left that way please dont ruin it…instead take your time with uncharted series

  • dude

    just give me uncharted 3 and i’ll shut up for the comming 5 years

  • faisal

    not impressive crash wont work with cry engine
    its good with cartoon style

  • Adrian




  • Zeno

    Wrong, don’t want.  No one gives a shit about Crash Bandicoot; just let him die.

  • Ben

    Yeah! I spent literally tens to hundreds of hours on the original couple of games back on the original playstation it would be pretty cool to see this; though I doubt I would buy a ps3 to play them…

  • jack bramhall

    when some people look at crash 1 they seem to think that its got stupidly low textures and the environment is limited.

    Although the graphics are very low res its very clear in crash that it has its own cartoony look and doesnt suffer from low res textures in that theyre cartoony and dont look low res. its also important to look at the level of detail in crash although the game has alot of detail for a ps1 game its clearly not trying to add photorealistic details. What your getting in this mod is a cartoon character walking round in a photorealistic environment.

  • xu

    Fyi, Crash Bandicoot was mainly a PS1 title (waaaay back in 1995).  Crash wasn’t a big franchise on the ps2.

    Screens look nice but nothing to drool over.  The ps3 has games looking just as nice (ie, Uncharted, Crysis 2).

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  • Dear Lord!



    *Throws WALLET*

    I demand this please!!!!!!

  • alex c

    sik sik bastu*d googooo crash bandicot….. shame the rights were sold long ago…..

    sony only own rights to crash 1,2,3… which… were the best 3. so ohh well….all 3 on a blu-ray with hd and trophies at a reasonable price…. 3 words


  • rawshark

    that would be one of the greatest things of all time.

    and i do not use that term lightly.