Crysis 2 PS3 demo inferior to other versions

PS3 demo in-game screenshot representing the final build

Gamers who have downloaded the recently released PS3 demo of Crysis 2 aren’t pleased. There have been reports from various sources that the PS3 demo is  a pain to play through and suffers from a bevy of game-breaking issues.

When compared to the Xbox 360 and PC demos which were released weeks earlier, gamers feel that the PS3 demo of Crysis 2 is by far, the worst one.

We’ve also checked it out and it does suffer from many issues, especially suffering from inconsistent framerates and a poor resolution.

Below are a few of the issues which the majority of players have complained about:

  • Framerates drops lower than 30 on many occassions.
  • The server’s are unstable and laggy
  • HUD bobbles a lot.
  • The PS3 version runs at the resolution of 1024×720 which is sub-HD and looks poor.
  • Some sequences causes temporary freezing issues.
  • Hit detection has issues and do not register sometimes
  • Broken Melee system
  • Matchmaking issues, troublesome to find games.

Considering, there’s only one week for the game to release worldwide, one can assume that this is, pretty much the final build of the game, and if so, things aren’t looking pretty for Crytek. Considering the outlash against the PS3 demo by gamers who’ve played it, it seems the PS3 version isn’t what Crytek claimed it to be and things aren’t looking pretty for gamers.

One can only know if the retail build is any better but as of now, the game performs very poorly on the PS3 and isn’t even close to the best looking shooter ever made on the console.

Downloaded the PS3 demo? Do let us know your impressions and thoughts below.

Update: It appears the image in the post was taken while the game was still loading and doesn’t represent the final quality, as pointed out by this website. We apologize for misinformation as a result of stating otherwise. However, all other issues remain as facts with the PS3 demo.

Update 2: We’ve now uploaded a screenshot representing the final build, courtesy, Nyleveia

  • TheMan

    Its not that Xbox is better then the PS3 …. Xbox is a cheep ass PC clone that is out dated – Pc developers know how to work with Xbox and PC ! When it comes to PS3 they have no IDEA what they are doing ! I rented Crysis2 the other day since I don’t have 60 dollars to buy it on Steam right now – I will say it runs like crap and framerate issues pop up every second …. Yet the clueless console gamer will never notice this since most look past it ! I for one can’t play a poor coded game .

  • MEDzZ3RO

    Fact is Crytek are clueless when it comes to making games for the PS3. Killzone 3 looks just as good with more players in an online server and still manages to outperform Crysis 2. In campaign Killzone 3 doesn’t drop below 30 frames and I’ve yet to see a jagged edge.
    If developers take advantage of the cell more is possible on PS3 then the 360 but if they’re trying to run the game in the identical manner a 360 would it’s inevitable it would have errors. If it was optimised why is it not running at 1080p?, nobody cares about 3D (+ glasses) it’s a gimmick. You’d need 1 pair of glasses for every person that wants to watch not to mention what are people who already wear glasses supposed to do?
    I know they’ve developped 3D TVs without glasses but for the majority of us we’re unlikely to own one before 2016.

  • GamerFeed

    To the last two posts. Crytek’s game engine, CryEngine 3, is optimized to get the best out of the 360, PS3 and PC, hence it’s NOT a 360 port, since the PS3, 360 and PC versions of Crysis 2 were developed in parallel thanks to the multi-format game engine.

    As the devs state themselves, there is not much difference in power between the 360 and PS3, where each have their strengths and weaknesses. The PS3’s strength is it’s CPU, the 360’s strength is it’s GPU, and so if at some point in the game the CPU is being pushed hardest (physics, particles etc), then the PS3 will perform a little better, but if the GPU is being pushed hardest (graphic effects, shaders etc), then the 360 will perform a little better.

    They discussed it in an interview (I’m not sure if you can post links here so google: ‘Mark Atkinson cryengine ps3 vs 360’ and click on the links found).

    Blu-ray doesn’t mean better graphics, just more space for more graphics (mostly textures) on one disc. Higher resolution textures take longer to load and take longer for the GPU to process and take up more RAM, and therefore will actually lower the framerate.

    So what I’m saying is that the PS3 version is NOT being dumbed down, it’s running Crysis 2 as best as it can using that game engine …but… this is still only a demo and demos usually run on older builds of the game engine. I’m sure the final versions (360 and PS3) running on the latest optimized version of the game engine will be on par with each other. Oh and, sorry if this post is a rather long. :)

  • Ryan M.

    My guess is this was just a complete direct port from the 360 version. its the same sort of differance between the two consoles when the ps3 was first released. also because the ps3 is technically better than the 360 it just doesnt make sense. if they actually spent the time on the 3 systems the ps3 version should respectively be better than the 360 version. unless the demo released for the ps3 was the same version as the 360’s original release of the demo. because it was equally as maybe the final build has yet to be shown on the playstation

  • Cj

    Why would they develop a less graphical version for PS3 when PS3 supports BluRay capable of holding ten times more data than the Xbox format… so it is capable of much higher resolutions than xbox. 

    The demo I played on PS3 was extremely high resolution on my HD TV. Lets keep in mind though it is just a demo, if they create a dumbed down version in terms of graphics I would say it would be for Xbox since it simply doesn’t support BluRay.

  • jonathen

    well the only thing i can say is idk because i cant even connect its says connection error before i can even look for a loby wtf!

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  • Jake

    The two or 3 games i played where awsome. it was fun, and parkour and sliding effects brought somthing new to the fps genre. but you CANT FIND A GAME. Id wait in a lobby for 5 minutes, get disconnected and have try again at least 10 times… Cmon Crytek.

    BTW HUD bobbing isnt a problem its a game setting that can be turned off. good research there guys. : (

  • John

    I can’t say much about the performance or graphics because I could not find a game,, .

  • JAY

    Gi is right. You guys complaining about the 720p resolution should be slapped. There are only a handful of PS3/360 games that are in 1080p. Complain about those games too. 

    @robed: “maybe 1024 x 720 is HD for you … but in my eyes HD is nothing less than 1920×1080”
    That means 70-80% of games aren’t in HD, in your eyes. 

  • Shiblee

    By far the worst demo ever released and I am not even complaining about the graphics because I never got to see any. I was on the match making screen for over 1 hour and the only result was a network failure. I could be misteking but the demo came out on the 16th and the game will be released on the 22nd of this month. That’s 6 days to try out the multiplayer and 1 day already passed due to the network connection problem. I was really looking forward to purchasing this game (wanted something other than COD), but after this experience I don’t think its worth my money. Crytek, if you are trying to go against COD, at least have the demo right, so even if the game isn’t as good, people would still buy it.


    Can’t get in a session at all just says I have been disconnected after like 20 seconds of trying to connect -.- FAIL!!!

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  • Jack

    “The PS3 version runs at the resolution of 1024×720 which is sub-HD and looks poor.”


    1024*720 is HD!

    • robed

      @Jack … maybe 1024 x 720 is HD for you … but in my eyes HD is nothing less than 1920×1080

  • Jason

    Look, Crysis 2 works awesome for me. Also i think that there is nothing wrong with the Crysis 2 demo anyway, heck i can find a game in less than a minute. However the sound system did not work out on me, and i can notice the frame rate and the not-so-perfect hit detection. lol hit detection will not be resolved until hosts can get a “4 bar” connection for every player in the game. It happens to every game… hit detection can only be noticed significantly if a killcam is present. That is why battlefield 2 bad company, halo 3 and killzone1,2,3 (i think) did not have any complaints about this issue.

  • Jakey Bee

    The problems with this ‘beta’ are unending. I don’t necessarily care about the 1024x720p, especially because it look perfectly acceptable (when not moving) on my 1080i composite 50″. But the engine feels like it’s pushing it’s luck on these consoles. Maybe Crytek worked with netbooks to make this game to feel like 14-30fps would be the most beautiful thing they’d ever seen; hell, I dunno. But the matchmaking is just downright awful… 10-20 minutes just to join a game. “Instant-action” my ass!
    If Crytek is telling us that this beta was originally released as a closed beta summer of last year, hopefully this will already be fixed. But we don’t actually know if that’s true. I feel like I’m being MoH’d here. “Oh yeah, we fixed the problems in the final release. But we actually didn’t.”

  • UrMomsGhey

    PS3 version crashed my system hard after only playing for about a minute. It took a while to connect to a server as well. Complete turn-off! Pitty too, was looking forward to this.

  • Chief

    The HD bit is only a issue for the video nuts out there but the big issue, is the inabilty to find a match on the demo. If this is the final build, that means the matchmaking is flawed beyond all belief and we are left with only the single player. We all know EA loves the just single player games *sarcasm*

  • Gi

    Really who cares if the games are 720p. As long as they do it to make the game run smoother. The Xbox upscales pretty much all their games to display in 1080p. But the truth is, there are barely any games that were created in native 1080p. So this sub-HD you all complain about it is considered standard HD for the gaming industry.