Deus Ex: Human Revolution E3 trailer : Full trailer Analysis


Deus Ex : Human Revolution’s full E3 trailer has been released by Eidos and Square Enix.  Let me be honest with this, Deus Ex is my favorite game and I was never really that optimistic if making a this gen iteration of the series was needed. Deus Ex is just too special and there were bound to be those “going all wrong with it” vibes when Human Revolution was announced, especially after Invisible Wars, which being a decent game in itself, fell totally flat when compared with its predecessor.

After seeing the full trailer for Human Revolution though (even if it’s mostly CGI), I can safely say that the franchise’s new iteration certainly shows promise. Gamersmint does a full analysis of the 3 min plus trailer for our readers and points out some rather interesting stuff tucked inside it.

The trailer begins with Jensen describing the situation he’s in and the year when the game takes place (2027). It’s evident that the world is going through a great technological advancement phase and the trailer begins with showcasing the presence of cloaking and robotic arms in the game which can be converted into flexible weapons ranging from machine guns to several other biomechanical forms.

It then immediately shifts to a more serious note, suggesting serious political unrest and revolt among the people of Detroit city. It shows a riot scene with the police trying to sustain a crowd of people. It’s then when a rather interesting plot point is revealed. The reporter on the screen announces that the protests are against Sheriff Industries and the reason seems to be their advancements in the field of Human Augmentation Science. It seems things have turned for the worse and the public are against these un-ethical human augmentations.

It then turns out that Adam is working for the owner of the company against which the revolts are happening and he is tasked with stopping the people trying to prevent them from carrying out further augementation experiments. However, Adam does not seem willing to do the dirty work for him.

At this point another interesting sequence takes place. It shows Jensen being shot and thrown out of a building while a woman (possibly his wife/girlfriend) looking on. That incidentproduced the result of Adam being in his current augmented form.  The trailer picks up steam from now on and shows Adam using his cloaking ability to approach a thug. The thug’s brain could not control whatever was plugged into his head and shoots himself. This suggests that the mind might not be able to withstand the augmentation procedures in everybody.

The trailer than shows some of what Adam is able to do with his Augmented Arm. He first blades one of his enemies and then transforms his arm to a robotic form and squashes another.  The trailer than shows the police fighting with the revolters and also a mech trying to restrain them. Interestingly, it can fire missiles which do not explode but serves as smoke grenades. Adam’s augmented arm’s another use is shown right after that, it can switch its blade to any degree meaning you can kill your enemies from any angle (backwards aswell)

Things get worse from here on and it introduces who might be one of the game’s chief enemies. He appears to be a augmented human like Adam and it suggests that he is holding Adam’s family ( the girl we saw earlier) hostage.

Finally it shows Adam falling from a height using some kind of magnetic field which breaks his fall. This verifies that it’s a power he can use in the game aswell. The ending also confirms that Adam is looking for someone he loves amidst all this conspiracy and chaos.  Before the credits roll, a final power is unveiled. You can break walls with your arms in the game.

Here’s a list powers Adam will have in the game as can be figured out from this trailer

  • His eyes are augmented aswell. It might have several modes of vision
  • A magnetic field which can be used to land safely from above among other uses
  • His augemented arm – a multi-purpose tool which can be used to fight against enemies among other things.

The trailer’s simply amazing and the fans of Deus Ex should be able to rejoice now, although a gameplay trailer would give us all an even better idea but the effort which was put into this trailer def pays off. It is also to note that the game will lay some serious emphasis on melee combat as Adam’s arm looks devastating. We are surely thrilled, are you? Let us know below.

  • John U

    Isn’t the corporation called “Seraph”? That’s what I hear when I listen to the trailer.

    Also, I’m personally not too enthused about his mechanical modification. I always enjoy the more subtle idea of the implants – though I do, in a way, like the sort of “archaic, crude advancement” vibe that the machines give off.

    Still, the guy is the worst assassin ever. You can hear his limbs whirring with every minor movement he makes. You might lose to him in combat, but I’m pretty sure once you hear “vrr vrr vrr vrr,” it’s time to run as fast as you can.

  • The Great Game Debacle

    I liked Invisible War and hopefully this game is better. Look forward to a great year of gaming.

  • Mal Shepard

    Great analysis. I am a huge fan of Deus Ex and I even loved Invisible War, and needless to say I was really excited back when I heard a new game in the franchise had been announced. However, I wondered how close to the spirit of the game they would stick for this new iteration.

    Thankfully the trailer has assuaged all my fears. It looks amazing and even though it is just a CGI trailer it is obvious the care and approach that they are putting into the game. At least that is my impression. I can’t wait to see more.

    • Cyborg

      Hi Mal,
      Thanks for liking the write-up. I kind of agree with what you have said. Invisible War was a decent game in itself. And yes the initial doubts if this will get the support and production values that it deserves were common among all Deus Ex fans. After all Deus Ex tooks years to get noticed like it has. But this trailer like you said is completely nuts. And you have got it spot on that althought it’s CGI, the effort will def show in the final game aswell. I can’t wait either friend. Let’s us hope Human Revolution will keep both of us occupied for a long time to come when it releases.