Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer analysis: Guns can fire through walls and more

Square Enix just dropped a new gameplay trailer for Deus Ex: Human Revolution and it reveals quiet a bit about the game’s gameplay mechanics and UI. Gamersmint does a full analysis about what new info is actually revealed in the trailer and why you should be expecting good things from the game next year.

This is the augmentation UI of the game

The trailer starts off with Jenson being tasked with infiltrating a Penthouse and host of new details about the game’s augmentation mechanics are revealed right away. The game’s augmentation interface is shown as you’re seen browing through the various augmentation parts which you can upgrade.  The trailer details three augmentations, Move/Throw heavy objects, A mind hacking device and a cloaking augmentation. You can see the image above to get a better idea. The interface looks really neat as it appears you will be needing Praxis points in order to buy new augmentations or upgrade your current ones.

The trailer then picks up pace and shows Jenson moving through a strange portal like elevator, this is where another interesting gameplay element is revealed, you are equipped with infra-ray vision and can see through walls, we are assuming this is a augmentation and not a permanent ability.  The game then shows you using a weapon known as the P.E.P.S which fires a stealth beam stunning enemies instantly. Jenson is then shown accessing a camera panel and this reveals a fair bit of information. It appears such panels will allow you to tinker with three types of things. Turrets, enemy robots and doors. The panel shown in the trailer only had a robot connected to it and interestingly, it provides you with three choices – disabling the robot, leaving it as it is or turning it against your enemies. You’re shown turning it hostile and it shoots its own soldiers. You’re then shown using an EMP grenade which disables a nearby camera. This might play a vital role and it shows that the game will be using a fair bit of stealth-gameplay.

Another interesting feature is revealed as you’re shown using the cloaking function to move towards the penthouse. Jenson will be able to sprint in the game.  You’re then shown to be hacking an interface as enemy soldiers approach. Two very interesting features are then revealed. One, the move/throw augmentation is shown in action as you push a heavy object eliminating a enemy, two, you will able to use different kinds of ammunition for your weapons. Jenson is seen equipping explosive rounds in his magnum before blasting away his enemies. Your deadly melee skills are shown after that as you execute a brutal melee kill on one of your foes. You’re then shown using a laser rifle which fires a deadly beam of laser onto your targets eliminating them at once. Very interestingly, it can penetrate objects and see through walls and reach your target. I am sold.

Jenson is then shown using an unidentified augmentation which emits rays from his body eliminating nearby enemies before walking out of the penthouse. The trailer ends with the statement that the game’s coming out on Early 2011 and we were really impressed with what we saw today.

The game seems to have retained the aesthetics of Deus Ex while improvising upon them a lot and also adding new and exciting features. The game’s UI seems advanced and we are really happy with the way it is turning out to be.