Devil May Cry – Why the new “Dante” might not be the real Dante!

Capcom announced the new Devil May Cry game today, however fans were not too pleased, especially with the western setting, the new look of Dante and Ninja Theory being the developers. However, the new trailer upon closer look might reveal some “possible” facts which might give series fans some hope atleast…Gamersmint takes you through what they might be –

As we all know, Devil May Cry got an announcement trailer along with it, showing a character who called himself Dante ( Fan Reactions -OMG NO WAY ), however, it’s unlikely that it’s the same Dante that we all know…actually far from it!

This new Dante might very well be a clone and not the REAL Dante or perhaps some alternate take on the genre, however, being a clone is more likely – Here’s what I can deduce from the trailer –

  • The character of Dante is introduced as a lab test subject, codenamed 64432P and is shown as part of a rehabilitation program, for what reasons we know not though.
  • The mysterious voice which ask him again and again the same question “What is your name” might very well be some psychic power which might force his mind to belief that he is Dante even though he is not
  • The sword shown in the trailer resembles the Rebelion but is shown as more darker and it can also be transformed into a whip ( a replacement of Nero’s arm for the gameplay perhaps? ). Maybe the scientists have modified the Rebelion to suit their needs?
  • However if this character indeed turns out to be a younger Dante than obviously the game must need to take place before the original DMC but it’s highly unlikely as this Dante is not shown wearing the amulet that he and Vergil had in common!
  • Also, if you will remember in Devil May Cry 3 , we could find a picture of Dante’s mother where she was with her two childrens and both had white hair, while this guy does not have white hair but black.

That’s about it for now, I can’t come up with anything concrete from this trailer apart from these facts, also keep in mind that these are just assumptions from my end and holds no real value but it does seem likely that this “new” Dante is indeed a clone or some alternate take on the genre. Also, I really wish it is true since none of us DMC fans would want to see this kind of change being done to our beloved hero!

Got any thoughts of your own to share about this new Dante? Help yourself in the comments section below –

  • SerepheN

    His hairstyle is fricking epic too

  • SerepheN

    The new Dante looks way cooler and stylisher in my opinion, much more badass and awesome taunts against demons.

    • Captain Price

      Totally agree

  • SerepheN

    m8. He gets white hair at the end of the game -.- This game is supposed to be showing how he got white hair and how he got to know all his stuff about being half demon half angel etc. faggotry review

  • lora

    what the capcom thinks?he’s dmc’s boss??

  • floria

    hah!you guys are right!dante is that old one!not this pice of ninja shit!

  • mika

    she/he’s right!we want that old dante!

  • bigest real dante fan!

    yeeeeh!fuck ninja theory and capcom!new dante is not that REAL great and lovely dante that all of us loved!he’s just a pice of junck!give us back our dante!

  • Kadinho Ehlers
  • Overlord Raim

    The old Dante had a Japanese feel while this one has inhabited a western look. It is – more or less – the same Dante, they just rebooted his series to retell the story so that the character is more flexible and can do more. The gameplay seems better and that is what matters. The only thing I am displeased by is that Trish and Lady are gone now.

  • Excalibur

    This game was great. I Don’t consider it part of the series, but it was a great game. Controls were good and gameplay was fun. Ninja theory made it their own, so stop over-reacting. Capcom let them make it the way they wanted.

  • Shadeslay3R

    How about you play the game and then try to post about it. Get actual first hand facts, not just what you could read on the Internet. Not everything on here’s true.

  • toufique

    the bad ass image of dante is destroyed :(

  • FanboyHater

    I can belive you judge an entire game based in white or black hair, i guess change is scary but to me something is clear i love the games but i fucking hate both looks one looks like a junky the other looks like some homo fantasy, or you think silk white hair, bare chest, tight pants and enormous falic symbols is manly?

  • Infused

    Well from what I read the new Dante is the son of an Angel and a human so this is actually a reboot if you will of DmC

    • Dick

      wrong, he’s a nephalim… son of an angel and a demon..

      • Timpu Eusebiu

        nephilim idiot he is a demon-angel hybrid

  • sdfsdf

    Looks like a freakin crack addict.

  • Virgem do Pau duro

    Fuck NinjaTheory and CAPCOM!The new Dante looks lie more a emocore than real dante!OMG!

  • Virgem do Pau duro

    Fuck ninja theory anda CAPCOM!They messedup with dmc,The new dante looks like more a emocore than a real dante!I

    • Maddie

      Its supposed to be Dante in an alternate universe. If you ACTUALLY gave it a chance and PLAYED the game, you would notice his hair turns whiter as the story progresses. He also changes more into the Dante we know and love. If you’re still not satisfied, complete the game and change his skin to classic Dante.

      • Kadinho Ehlers

        Yeah man, the new dante it’s the same Dante, and the one way then you discover that, are you playing DMC 5! XD

  • conlusion writer

    this might be dante at a very very young age.. when he barely knew how to use his demonic healing powers… adn maybe he dyed his hair black… and plus he does have the rebelion with him.. and his to pistols.. i keep forgettin their name… and he looks thinner before he opened up devil may cry store… but either way if he is or not dante.. the game,,, from the trailer and gameplay wids is prtty cool.. better graphics

  • Becca

    I still think that this new Dante might be Arkham in a younger form. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking though 😀

  • Lauren

    Dude, it looks like it will be an alright game. If you haven’t noticed in the previews for the game, the top of his hair shows his roots, therefore his hair is dyed. So it may be Dante, just much younger, but we’ll just have to find out when the game comes out, no?

  • cin takvimi

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  • Kitty

    Another thing I noticed when watching the DMC 5 material is that this guy looks pretty beat up. In al previous games, Dante never seemed to suffer from physical pains for more than a minute, even after being stabbed, crushed, beaten, or pierced. This lead me to the conclusion that his demon side heals his body like crazy. 

    This guy however appears to be in terrible physical shape, seeming ill, exhausted and/or beaten up. In other words.. he seems too human to be Dante ^^;


    maybe its just a disguise then he paints his hair and gets ready 2 be cool dante

  • site

    I have been trying to find information on this for a long time, thankful you finally covered it.

  • No… just no

    So, we get treated to Holocaust Dante now? He’s got brown hair, super skinny, a number, and treated by doctors… this is just wrong! I hope they like shoveling money into fire, because I can see this being a bad career decision for anyone involved.