DICE Comments on Battlefield 3 Cheaters and Hackers

Global Battlefield Community Manager at DICE, Daniel Matros has confirmed that they’ve been banning waves of Battlefield 3 offenders every day and more bans are to follow soon.

He confirmed that DICE has been banning players who’ve been found guilty of trying to hack Battlelog or cheat during matches every day:

We´re sending out waves of bans and stats resets every day. More to come :)

In another tweet he said that banning players for cheating and wiping them off the leaderboards are separate procedures:

Banning players for cheating requires one move. Wiping from leaderboards is another move.

Finally, he said DICE are aware of certain Battlelog users who belong to hacker and cheating groups and assured that their accounts would be “handled” shortly:

We ARE aware of a number of representatives of hacker/cheat groups being present on Battlelog and their accounts will be handled shortly.

Battlefield 3 released on October 25 and has move more than 5 million copies already. Battlelog is the online service required to play Battlefield 3 online. Have you faced any cheaters while playing the game? Do let us know below.