First artwork of PS3 exclusive Agent revealed

Leigh Donoghue, a environment artist who has worked on Grand Theft Auto IV  has posted some environment artwork of work he did on a game he’s calling “Agent” as part of his profile.

These are the first actual screenshots from the title which hasn’t been heard of in ages now. After announcing the title, Rockstar went mute about its development and no news has been conveyed to the public ever since.

His resume reveals that he has worked on a large number of titles developed by Rockstar with responsibilities of varying degrees:

Prepare task schedules for art team in conjunction with Lead Artist, Producer and Designers. Identify and review task risks and recommend solutions and contingencies. Be involved in the design process, offering advice and information from an art and technical perspective. Liaise with QA department to assist in testing plan procedures and standards. Creation of map environments and interiors for in game and cut scenes. The application and creative use of in-house lighting, portals and exporters.

  • Zed Rockstar Games Not Released
  • Grand Theft Auto IV Rockstar Games 2008
  • GTA IV episodic content Rockstar Games 2009
  • Agent Rockstar Games TBA
  • Grand Theft Auto V Rockstar Games 2011

As you can see, he also mentions GTA V, but haven’t posted any artwork of that title.

You can view the screenshots below:

Click on Image to view higher-res version