Gabe Newell Gives Nod to Drop Hints About Next Half Life Title

It seems fans of Half-Life series can indeed get excited this time around. After a spat of rumours and news related to the next Half Life title in the past few months, another source is now claiming to have an insider confirm that Gabe Newell has given them the nod to go ahead and start dropping hints about the next Half-Life title.

This was disclosed by the official twitter feed of Steamcast, an unofficial podcast about Valve’s service:

Go ahead given by Gabe to start dropping hints relating to the next Half Life game #Official #Valve

He confirmed that this news came through an internal source:

No this is from an internal source.

He then prayed that this was a case, as otherwise they were in for a spanking:

hopes the internal source is right otherwise.. no Half Life 3. #Valve will give us an ass-whooping either way.

This news follows an event where a Valve employee was spotted wearing a Half Life 3 t-shirt, the disclosure of a fan-site, and other rumours. As they say, if there’s a lot of talk stirring up, you can most certainly expect at least some of it to have some substance. What do you think? Is a Half-Life announcement closer than expected? Let us know below.