Gabe Newell: PC still the “the centre of innovation” for gaming

Valve co-founder and Half Life creator, Gabe Newell as lauded the PC platform as  being “the centre of innovation” and an example for the rest of the game development industry.

Newell quipped that his company is “tremendously excited about the future of PC gaming” despite the firm’s recent interest in widening their console and Mac game development works.

His studio has produced classics such an Half Life and the hugely popular online game, Counter Strike, successfully portraying the PC platform as the leader from which innovation has spilled into the other gaming platforms.

“We see [the PC] as the centre of innovation of everything that’s going on, whether it’s microtransactions, MMOs, free-to-play, or something like CityVille which – after its first month – has 84 million people playing,” Gabe said.

To us, this is just an indication of why open platforms are where innovations are going to occur,” he added.

Yesterday, at the CES show in Las Vegas, Gabe also praised Intel’s latest GPU/CPU microprocessor as being a “game changer”

He said that the new processor “allows for a console-like experience on the PC”, suggesting that it allows them to set a more universal baseline standard for developing AAA games on PC which will be them optimise their games better.

Last year, Ken Levine of Irrational Games also remarked in a similar fashion, telling Kotaku that “the PC will always be the place that drives innovation”.

These are really encouraging words from one of the biggest studios in the world and embues fresh hope regarding the fate of PC gaming in our hearts.

We hope Gabe announces the much anticipated Half Life: Episode 3 soon in order to give the PC gaming industry, the much needed shot in the arm.

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