Gearbox rewards man who pre-ordered Duke Nukem Forever 10 years ago

Duke Nukem Forever, until recently, it was the gaming equivalent of the hot chick you always wanted to score, but never really managed to do so. With a development cycle which saw several studios take up and leave the game, delays, announcements, re-announcements, cancellations, and several promises ensuring that the Duke is down but definitely not out. However, not many were strong enough to stand by him during these testing times.

However,  Slash000 wasn’t among those, he was the guy who had pre-ordered the game ten years ago (2001) and never cancelled it as he believed the game will indeed see the light of the day, and as we all know but still find it hard to swallow, he turned out to be right. Duke Nukem Forever has released, the game is out for everyone to play. Despite the harsh criticism it has come under, the fact remains that it’s has come out of its hibernation and Slash got his game, as Gamestop (the shop where he had placed the pre-order) decided to honor it.

The original pre-order slip

Gearbox Software the guys responsible for this remarkable feat has acknowledged this man’s commitment and the faith he has shown in the Duke. It’s made sure that his steadfast will and determination to play the game doesn’t go in vain. It has showered Slash with the choicest of Duke Nukem collectibles custom-delivered to his doorstep. There’s enough stash in there to make any self-respecting Duke Nukem fan scream like a baby. Don’t take our word for it though, check out what exactly we’re talking about below.

  • Duke Nukem Forever PC Balls of Steel Edition #10, Signed by the Development Team
  • Duke Nukem Headshot, Signed by the Development Team
  • Logitech G19 Keyboard with GamePanel LCD Screen (Supported by Duke Nukem Forever PC)
  • Duke Nukem Forever Titty City Pint Glass
  • Duke Nukem Forever Titty City Shot Glass
  • Duke Nukem Forever First Access Club Shot Glass
  • Duke Nukem Forever First Access Club Mouse Pad
  • Duke Nukem Forever Belt Buckle
  • Duke Nukem Forever “Steroids”
  • Duke Nukem Forever Mini-Lithographs
  • Duke Nukem Forever gamerART Aluminum Mouse Pad
  • Duke Nukem Forever Hoody
  • Duke Burger T-Shirt
  • Hail to the King! T-Shirt
  • Come Get Some T-Shirt
  • Gearbox Swag Bag

That’s a lot of stuff, even for a guy who’s stood by the Duke for ten long years. The game might not live upto Slash’s expectations but we’re sure that this gesture by Gearbox definitely will. Hail to the King Baby!

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