Gran Turismo 5: Level 40 advanced damage modelling video will shock you


Thought Gran Turismo 5 did poor damage modelling? Think again!

Since this is a sim and nothing comes without hard work, you will also need to reach a high enough level in order to experience damage at its worst form.

As you can see, this user has reached level 40 in Gran Turismo 5 and has unlocked highly realistic damage modelling for his cars.

Level 40 gets you simulation level damage and as you can clearly see in this video it looks epic with bumpers flying around, bonnets jumping and what not.

Sit back and enjoy the video and don’t complain about damage being not done right in GT 5 from now. It’s a sim, you need to earn it!

  • Mikko Haajamo

    What hapend to level 15.

  • FRR

    GT5 has damage from the start on level 0 included, however the damage models for the specific car in this video has one of the most advanced levels, all premium cars show a more advanced damage model than the standard cars. The rally cars seem to have the best model.

    You can try it out buy an normal car in a lvl 0 save and smash around with it.
    when you can either borrow or buy the Ford Focus WRC 2008 model (Ford Focus RS WRC 07 ’08)
    You will get the same damage on lvl 40 as you get on lvl 0.

  • Brennn

    I wonder why it wasn’t included from the start? I don’t want to rank up to unlock damage!

    And whoever made the other post you are an idiot, everybody complains there is no damage and when damage is included you complain about the god damn damage!? Some people…

    • daelen

      your an idiot. if you dont want to play the game to rank up to get damage, you obviously aren’t a real man. and spent an hour making that comment only to make yourself look even stupider that the first one. idiots..

  • erm

    Erm, not impressed with the video. not even a little bit.

    as to (visual) damage not being on at the start, its a big failing. I want to keep the car pristine during a race if possible, but I also want to see the results of an error or collion. Without the damage there is no real incentive to avoiding contact. There is lots to dislike about GT5. top gear test track? sideways in a vw camper and within the ability of the driver to get it back only to be kicked for going out of bounds, even though it is patently a sliding error after being nudged wide rather than a cheat? lack of damage just ruins the experience for me. Grid does it so much better. dont get me started on the bump noise (the ONLY bump noise) that you get when you do hit another vehicle. Ultimate driving simulator? NO, not by a long chalk. Good in many ways but still being able to ram people out of the way with ne effect on your vehicle sucks. To use the word simulator must surely have the damage, otherwise it is no better than any other driving game. Whats next? GT5a the UK driving test simulator? Or maybe the rush hour driving simulator. I am one who thinks the wait was not worth it. Can we have a Grid 2 instead?