Gran Turismo 5 Real-time Damage is Phenomenal

It’s not scripted, that’s right its real time, Asane from Gametrailers and GTplanet took a few pics at a Best Buy store, which looks like a latest build of Gran Turismo 5.

You won’t see the same damage each time you hit the car, thats the beauty of real time damage.

Please tell us what you think of the damage modelling in Gran Turismo 5.

  • Man from the past

    What ever happened to those Xbot fan boy’s complaining about GT5 doesn’t have crash effect and forza 3 does guess they ran and hid when they saw this real time car deformation hahahaha stupid people cant admit they bought the wrong machine LOL!!!!

  • dwh

    well… they’re not real…. 

  • stephanos82

    –>Did they get any ideas from carmageddon and viper racing? Cause those 2 games were the real deal when talking about dynamic damage, no two crashes were ever the same.

  • pluh

    Looks great , day one buy for me 😀

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  • Thomas


    Lolz. 😀

  • Matt

    Cars don’t usually crash at 100mph either, this looks amazing.

  • Leiwei

    you guys obviously don’t live around high-accident areas otherwise you’d see a lot of wrecked cars like the pic Karooo linked.   Of course the only thing different in GT5 is the tires seem attached.

  • wampdog29

    Exactly what I was thinking Thomas….

  • No121Else

    Well they should have shown more of the same car hitting at the same speed into the same wall because that would have shown real time damage, all this shows me is that it generates damage and that “shake control” wasn’t working on the camera ;).

  • Sam

    Looks good but I would like to see the barricades get damaged aswell…. If a car hits the wall you should see many parts damaged

  • Karooo
  • Nana

    ok my bad , but it was look like some glitches or bugs.
    anyway thanks for the replay

  • Thomas

    Great. But, real cars don’t get damaged like that. 😐