Guide to add another USB port to PS3

It’s not illegal, but it will void your warranty. PS3 Slim’s motherboard has the capacity for one more USB port but Sony decided to go with two like the 80GB Downgraded phat PS3′s.

j0nnymofo from has assembled an easy to follow tutorial to add another USB port to your PS3. Yes, you do need to solder.

Note: This only works on PS3 slim.

This is what he has to say:

Hey all, just added an extra usb port to my ps3 slim and want to share this tutorial of how I did it.

With this mod you will only be able to use one device at a time on the port you modify it is not a true usb hub.

You will need the following:

  • A good solder gun.
  • A knife or blade
  • usb extension lead.

This is how you can open your pS3 slim:


1) This is the location of where I placed the usb port. Its a tight squeeze so be sure to cut in the right place. Try it yourself for the best spot.

2) Using your knife/blade start cutting, once the hole for the usb is cut and your sure it fits you should have something like this (place the power supply for the PS3 back in its place to make sure it fits in):

OK now for the wiring, It’s simple enough, even for inexperienced people. Get your usb extension and cut the male and off strip the wires back and you’re good to go. Here is the wire colours and what they’re for:

3) On your PS3, at the existing USB ports you will have these small solder points, this is where you will be soldering.

4) You should have the wires in this order: BLACK, GREEN, WHITE, RED. grab your solder gun and stick em on!

5) Once it’s done, you should have something like this:

You can ask him here if you have any

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  • Jackie

    Cool but wouldn’t it be easier and safer just to buy one of those USB expansion docks?

  • Dirk

    While interesting I wonder why Sony never added the USB port themselves? It certainly doesn’t seem like its worth voiding your warranty, but on the other hand it is good to know 1 more USB can be added if necessary down the line.