Insomniac Responds to Resistance 3’s Disappointing US Sales

Recently, GamersMint reported on Resistance 3’s sales figures in the United States – the PlayStation 3 exclusive only sold 180,000 copies a month after its launch. Developer Insomniac Games has now responded to the news regarding their shooter’s sales figures.

Firstly, Senior Community Manager for Insomniac Games James Stevenson commented on our report with the following:

Comparing Resistance 3’s sell-through number on one platform to Dead Island’s copies shipped number on 3 platforms isn’t really an Apples to Apples comparison.

Furthermore, Insomniac Games official Twitter account was messaged by a user who said:

Sad to hear the bad news about Resistance 3 but I really hope R&C All4One will do great! It deserves it! Loved the beta!

The developer then simply said “what bad news?” The user later linked to our story notifying the studio of its sales being the bad news, to which the studio replied:

oh, no, the numbers are accurate, but that was still good enough for #7 on the US charts

Resistance 3 released on the PlayStation 3 on September 6th, the same day Dead Island launched in North America too.

We would like to respond to James: with all due respect, irrespective of our comparison of Resistance 3’s sales figure with games like Dead Island, the fact remains that it performed well under expectations. Being a PlayStation 3 exclusive, and one of the most anticipated titles of the year, one would expect it to perform better in its first month of release. More so, because it was an excellent game which deserved much better.

Microsoft’s own exclusive, Gears of War 3, released the same month and did amazing business. Although, comparisons between the two games is uncalled for, however, one must ask what went wrong?

Surely the marketing could have been better for the game in the States? Or was it a lack of interest in the series among US gamers which prevented them from trying it out? Certainly not, since Resistance 2 had managed to move 385,000 units in its first month of sales in the US.

Sony could have definitely done a better job at marketing the game in North America at least, and although we don’t doubt Insomniac’s ability to produce a quality game (we termed Resistance 3 as possibly being the best PS3 shooter yet in our review) the first month sale numbers for the shooter are very disappointing indeed. The publisher, meanwhile, spent several millions in marketing within Europe so we’re still waiting for the sales results in European territories to see if the marketing paid off.

Insomniac Games are now gearing up for another PlayStation 3 exclusive release, Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, which launches this Tuesday in North America and Friday in Europe. The developer are also working on Overstrike, a multi-platform title due to the company’s partnership deal with Electronic Arts.