Itagaki’s Devil’s Third budget is almost as big as all of his previous projects combined

There’s no denying that Tomonobu Itagaki, former head of Team Ninja, has managed to garner a huge fan following. However, the man’s latest project, and also the first under his own studio, Devil’s Third, has retreated to the shadows after its initial debut at E3 2010, and has caused much anxiety among gamers. And THQ’s recent financial stumbles just adds fuel to the fire. But fans may sit at ease, as Itagaki himself has confirmed that Devil’s Third faces no financial threat. In fact, the game’s current budget is almost as big as all of Itagaki’s previous games heaped together.

“I’ve made more than 30 games, and if you put a little bit more [money] into the one I’m making now, Devil’s Third, I could make all of the 30 games I made before,” Itagaki told Game Informer. “That’s the big difference. The budget you use for the promotion is completely different too. Those are the biggest differences.”

Itagaki was a publisher himself earlier in his carrier, admitted that Japanese publishers aren’t in any position to provide that much resources.

“It’s not a matter of difficulty, it’s just the only scale that they can manage to do,” he added.

When asked if financial issues were the reasons that led many of the most well known names in the industry to depart from their respective Japanese publishers in the past few years, Itagakai revealed that there were several factors that came into the equation and that one simply can’t generalize.

“The reason Sakaguchi [Final Fantasy creator] quit working with Square was because the movie [Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within] failed. The reason [Mega Man creator Keiji] Inafune left [Capcom] was because there was a fight. The reason [Resident Evil creator Shinji] Mikami left [Capcom] was rather vague. It’s not simple to explain. The main reason was he had a political fight within the company, too, and he was forced to leave the company,”

Devil’s Third is a blend of third person shooting and close quarters melee combat which the man is synonymous for. The game is currently slated for a 2013 release, and will utilize a modified version of the engine that will be powering THQ’s upcoming Darksiders 2. You can check out the debut trailer below: