Killzone 3 beta won’t support Move and 3D

Aryeh Loeb, member of Team Killzone just confirmed that the beta won’t be supporting 3D or Move .

He made this remarks while replying to queries on the official US PS blog. Here’s what he said –

Will the Beta be in 3d as well?

Nope, this is a gameplay test for us. we need to make it as good as it can be.

Move support in beta?

Nope, this Beta is all about gameplay. Move and 3D are not supported here.

The Beta will start off on October 25 and will be exclusive to PS Plus members. You need to download a XMB theme for Killzone 3 in order to be eligible for participation in the beta.

  • Wafa Bhardwaj

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  • whoever


    dude they’re beta testing the ONLINE MULTIPLAYER!, this is not a controller beta. that’s ridiculous.

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  • wtf?

    If the beta is about gameplay then why isn’t it supporting move?. How will we be able to give feedback about move controls if they aren’t in the beta?. this is the dumbest thing ever!!!. And it proves that they aren’t taking move seriously. And based on this i will not be picking up killzone 3.