Killzone 3 Multiplayer going Free-to-Play from next week

Sure to please all PS3 owners, Sony has decided to offer the Muliplayer component of Killzone 3 as a free download to all PSN members from next Tuesday onwards.

The announcement was made on the latest episode of the PlayStation Blogcast. All maps will be included in the package, but as with most Free-to-Play titles, there’s always a catch, and in this case, it’s a yet to be revealed level cap. There will be a limit to the rank which you can achieve, and the skills and weapons that you can unlock. Gamers need not worry though as they will be able to unlock the cap for a mere, $14.99. A small price to pay when you’re getting the core package for absolutely free. Besides, you’ll always be presented with a choice.

This is one of the first initiatives taken up by a publisher to push Free-to-Play forward on a home console, and more importantly, for a incredibly popular title. Hopefully, the experiment proves to be lucrative and we’ll see other companies take a similar path. Team Fortress 2 has proven that the Free-to-Play route can propel a title to unprecedented heights,  and we don’t see any reason why a console game can’t achieve the same.