Kojima Confirms He Won’t Be Attending E3

Get ready to be heart broken, Kojima’s just tweeted that he won’t be attending E3 in person.

He conveyed this news via a tweet, also mentioning that he would however be recording an interview to make up for his absense.

Here’s what he said:

Since I decided not to go to E3, I made an interview video hastily. Asked Mr. Mark MacDonald (former editor at EGM/1up.com) to be an interviewer.

As is the custom, he also posted an image showing himself and Mark together.

This possibly means that his new game won’t be announced at event as it makes no sense for it to announced without him being their in person. We’ll just have to wait a little longer I guess.

He also posted another image of his recording for his new title,  revealing that the whole event made him feel nostalgic:

Recording was so much fun. The voice-over made me feel nostalgic-ish.

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