Kojima releases original design docs for MGS 2

Ever wondered what it takes to make a MGS game? How a guy like Hideo Kojima goes around visualizing his next project?

Well, so have we but thanks Mr.Kojima releasing the design documents for Metal Gear Solid 2 and that too in english, we now have a much more clearer idea as to how he goes about pitching ideas for the cult MGS series.

The 38 page long document will really take you on trip with the legend as he states exactly what MGS 2 is all about and why it’ll click with the fans of the franchise.

He was spot on as the game went on to be one of the most successful MGS games in History.

Let us know your thoughts below.

You can download the document from here

  • YenniJB


    It’s not ‘half of the design doc’ This would probably be called a Pitch Doc because it is brief and meant to get people on board with the project, not help them create it (although the pitch doc is the jumping point for the Design Doc)

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  • Amnistice

    MGS 2 was total crap! what are you talking about? it did not “click with the fans of the franchise” Raiden’s introduction was stupid, and extremely gay

  • skiz

    Good thing take time and the metal gear solid series are EPIC game let’s hope Kojima makes more and more games then the gamers can enjoy them

  • http://blackxino.blogspot.com xino


    this is only half of the design doc.
    this version is like the encyclopedia, more like the bible.

    because if it’s the design doc, it would contain everything from character design, to the level design.