Lack of exclusives for holidays might hurt the PS3 as 360 dominates with Reach

While everyone’s busy flaking the Xbox 360 for the lack of exclusives, it seems Sony’s not faring any better with their line-up of games for fall 2010.

With LittleBigPlanet 2 pushed back into next year, the only exclusive Sony is banking on is Gran Turismo 5. However good a game that might be but one is forced to wonder why Sony has decided to push all their other major exclusives into 2011. Killzone 3, LBP 2, Motorstorm 3, inFamous 2, SOCOM 4, etc. That does make the year end less spectacular for Sony this time around.

Microsoft’s already released Halo : Reach and having sold millions they are in-fact having a definite edge over its competitors right now. The lack of a shooter might hurt Sony’s holiday prospects, however Gran Turismo 5 might prove to be a surprise package.

One prime reason might be the influx of multi-platform games which are scheduled to release this Holiday season, the sheer saturation might have made Sony nervous and they might have pushed back LBP 2 into next year out of fear that it may suffer due to the stiff competition on offer by some of the multi-plat releases like Call of Duty : Black Ops, Medal of Honor, Need for Speed : Hot Pursuit, Fallout 3, Vanquish and Assassin’s Creed : Brotherhood which was supposed to release the same day as LBP 2 earlier.

Although, gamers won’t be lacking quality games this Holiday but they certainly will be left with only one exclusive a piece for both the Xbox 360 ( Fable III, which later releases for the PC aswell ) and the Playstation 3.

Overall, the year-end is looking ominous for all the consoles, especially the Wii as its showing it’s age and running out of steam and both the DS and PSP hitting rockbottom ( 3DS and the unannounced PSP 2 being the reasons).

We just hope that next year sees a lot more in terms of exclusives during the Holidays.