Lead Enslaved designer working on The Last of Us, no new details soon

Sony dropped a bomb today by revealing that Naughty Dog has been developing a brand new PS3 exclusive since the past two years. The Last of Us is in development by a second Naughty Dog team and its set in a post apocalyptic setting where as a deadly fungus infection has bought the world to its knees.

It’s now revealed that the lead designer of Enslaved Mark Richard Davies is currently developing the game and has moved over to Naughty Dog from Ninja Theory. Since Enslaved was not an open world game this highly indicates that ND’s new title will be also be similar  and won’t feature an open world environment. This was revealed via a tweet:

Okay, so I never worked on Uncharted 3 – I was really doing this: http://www.gametrailers.com/video/vga-2011-the-last-of/724686 Finally I can stop lying!

In other news, Naughty Dog’s Social media manager has revealed that this was pretty much everything that the world is going to see about The Last of Us for a while now as the studio doesn’t plan to reveal any new details anytime soon. He told that via a post on Neogaf:

we won’t be saying much now for a while. just wanted to get it all out there before we burst from pent up anticipation and excitement.

We’ve rounded up details about the title over here, which includes the trailer and some screenshots as well. The game is in development for PS3 but has no date yet.