Michael Pachter’s XBL account gets hacked

Update: It seems the tweets have been removed from Patcher’s account, but we have captured it below for your viewing pleasure.

Original story: Looks like some hackers didn’t take too kindly about Industry analyst Michael Patcher’s predictions, most of which turns out to be complete duds.

The infamous Analyst confirmed that his Xbox Live account was hacked into and he’s notified Microsoft about it.

He tweeted the following:

Being the funny man that he is, the event didn’t stop him from wisecracking:

Earlier, he had said that his account was switched to Russia by someone, which later turned out to be the hacker:

We hope that he is able to recover his account, although we don’t necessarily agree with his predictions.

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  • jeez

    He si a Douche in and out….who cares

  • xxx

    i remeber when major nelsons xbl acct was hacked. at least its certain individuals that are being targeted, and not microsoft, or the entire xbl network itself.

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  • http://www.blackxino.blogspot.com xino

    lol…damn man

    why him?
    he gets some things right man

    • Thugbot187

      @xino if you throw enough things at the wall one is bound to stick. What he gets 3 out of 50 perdictions righ. You would be better off saying if Pratcher said its the opposite and you would give better perdictions then him.

      • http://www.blackxino.blogspot.com xino

        seriously grow the hell up man.
        how many things can you predict that will come through?

        the guy’s profession is predicting, he gets things right as if you wouldn’t notice.
        Sure many of the things he says do not come true however half of the times he’s right.

        and if you do know much about game industry marketing, you better follow that guy because he’ll teach you a thing or two. Especially the price point and how everyone gets a share from a $60 game, from publisher, retail, developers. That is educative.
        Unless you are smarter and you are a marketing manager at a big corporation who knows shit, then you can prove that Patcher’s knowledge in games marketing are wrong.

        Face it man, people like you are just gamers, you buy games so you can talk sh* about games 24/7 and accuse people of being fanboy.

        In the other hands people like me who follow Patcher, do so because as “we” are gamers, we know we are part of the gaming industry and we make the gaming industry. Therefore we would like to know just wtf is going on in the industry, in the marketing side, money side, corporation side etc.

        Now go back to your regular place and keep talking shit about games, COD clone, BF3 better etc. We don’t care, we want the real deal and real news about the gaming industry.

  • Vita