Microsoft shows off future graphic tech for Xbox 360

Microsoft’s developing new technology for Xbox 360 which uses a system called Mega Meshes that will be supporting tessellation units of Xbox 360 and will increase the polygon count and level of detail by a huge margin for upcoming Xbox 360 exclusives.

The very first game, supporting this tech is Lionhead’s Project Milo, which is unfortunately only a tech demo and won’t be seeing the light of the day as a retail release.

However, Lionhead’s lead programmer, Ben Sugden showed off a presentation at GDC 2011 which showcases some of this revolutionary tech in use for Project Milo and gives us a glimpse into the future as far as visuals goes.

You can read about it in detail over here and we have screengrabs from the video below which was shown behind closed doors at GDC and features of this tech on display, including the use of tessellation:

How do you think this new tech looks? Do let us know below.

  • Lemon key face

    >How do you think this new tech looks?
    Like it will hold us back technically for another 2 or 3 years.

  • http://n/a Keatah

    Well, this just goes to show you how much hardware potential is available in even old hardware! Look at what they are uncovering now. Absolutely no need to be throwing away a good console! Just upgrade its programming and you’re on your way. Eventually the Atari 2600 will be doing shit like this before long. hahaha. Programming and technical prowess at its best!

    You’re going to have to lose the brown-tan tinting to everything though. Must be a new-graduate graphic artist fad or something. An attempt at “cut sophistication”?? I don’t like it and I tend to avoid stuff like this. So despite the technical achievement, it is definitely lost on me. This is brown beyond the latest racers and worse than mw2.

    The false coloring and tint is one of the reasons why I don’t do much modern gaming as I’d like to.

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  • John

    This looks like what they used for the Milo presentation with Kinect

  • mr

    This is going to make mylife worth living, me and my 4 mounth old boy are looking forward to this!!! lately he is just working in chimmneys to get enough money to buy us a biscuit of the crazy cat lady. Things are looking up for us!! i love him soooo much, its a shame he had to be a sacrafice :( well at least he got me an xbox in the process!!!

  • Anthony R

    Can we please turn down the GLOW…..

  • Hat Fortress

    Looks like Team Fortress with more bloom, not really much to be excited about.

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