Modern Warfare 3 Teasers Analysis – Activision’s Big Plan

Modern Warfare 3 is finally official

Infinity Ward has finally come out of the shadows and confirmed what we all knew was in development for weeks. Yes, Modern Warfare 3 is now official. Following Kotaku’s rather bulky scoop regarding the game, the developers felt that they needed to divert the attention and therefore, decided to reveal the game, albeit a bit sooner than they might have initially planned to do.

To mark the announcement, they have released not one but four teaser trailers for the game, which contains a LOT of details, although they are very brief and contains no gameplay, but that doesn’t mean that they doesn’t reveal details regarding the gameplay that we can expect from Modern Warfare 3. Without any more delay, let’s begin our analysis of the trailers.


The four trailers released so far take you to multiple continents and involve some of the most prominent cities of the world – New York (America), London (England), Berlin (Germany) and Paris (France). The trailer contain glimpses of naval vehicles, airships and much more, which we’ll discuss in detail later in the feature. They also have another thing in common – Vladmir Makarov. That’s right, all of the teasers contain a message in Russian (broken might we add) at the end. Let’s go through them one by one now.

You can see a submarine and the Statue of Liberty in this screengrab

#1 New York Teaser (America)

The New York teaser starts off with radio voices which appears to be of soldiers discussing their positions. The conversation seems to be taking place between two groups of naval soldiers. One thing to note is that you can clearly hear one of them saying – “leaving Manhattan and entering Brooklyn Valley Tunnel now”. Immediately after that, a battle scenario is put forward. You can see shapes of a submarine and various other battleships briefly, and they seem to be attacking New York City. The battle is taking place in the New York Harbour, since the Statue of Liberty is also visible for a brief moment. You’re then shown an aerial glimpse of NYC, with missiles flying all round before the action fades away and the trailer nears its end.

However, when you think the trailer’s over, Makarov’s voice erupts in what sounds like extremely broken Russian. From what I could make out it means - “One… will destroy the enemy’s hope for victory.” Here’s my theory of what it can possibly mean. One mentioned here is New York city, or their attack on it rather. It means that successfully attacking NYC will destroy the enemy’s hope for victory. This suggests that the game will have a storyline which is rather over-the-top. A World War III like scenario can’t be ruled out, especially after going through the rest of the teasers.

The Big Ben is under attack

#2 London (England)

The second teaser starts off in a similar fashion like the first one, with voices over the radio conversing about another attack – this time on the Palace of Westminster in London. If you’re wondering how can we pinpoint that it’s indeed where the battle is going on, then if you observe the teaser closely, you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of the Big Ben, which is located at the north end of  the Palace of Westminster. This attack also seems to be carried out via the sea route and it ends with another aerial glimpse, showing you explosions and other events taking place.

Interestingly, it also contains a message from Makarov, which from what I can make out means – “Two. Use everything to your advantage.” Now, what could this possibly mean? Maybe they’ve selected some advantageous attack points from where the city is more vulnerable and Makarov’s suggesting that his soldiers or whoever it is, who’s attacking London, use them wisely. This makes it two major cities being attacked. The story develops even further and gets even bigger. Covering such vast distances and showcasing such large scale attacks, even solidifies our suspicion that the setting of the game is indeed World War III. Let’s see what the third teaser has in offer now.

An airplane is seen dropping bombs on Paris

#3 Paris (France)

The Paris teaser starts off with the same radio messages as the rest of the trailers and it seems like a conversation taking place between the enemy forces as they plan to attack Paris. What follows is a massive explosion which blows up the Seine River Bridge. This can be figured out because you can see the Eiffel tower for a brief second immediately after the bridge explodes. The enemy seems to be attacking the city from th air as planes are shown dropping bombs on the city, as she tries to defend herself.

Makarov’s message is present near the end of the trailer and from what I can make out it means – “Three. Use your enemy’s weakness.” This one’s not too hard to make out, since the teaser starts off with a scene showing the Seine River Brigde being blown to smithereens. This means, they’ve exposed the city’s weakness by blowing up such a vital position and left it vulnerable. Let’s see what the final teaser holds for us.

Tanks and choppers attacking the city of Berlin

#4 Berlin (Germany)

The final Berlin teaser is rather interesting, for starters the same radio conversation can be heard at the start, however this time it seems as if it’s the German army who’s conversing and preparing to defend the incoming onslaught the protect the city. Immediately after, you’re taken into the streets of Berlin and tanks are shown attacking a large building, of which I’m yet to confirm the identity (any help will be appreciated). You can also see choppers flying in the backdrop. This undoubtedly suggest that the enemy has launched a full frontal attack on the city.

Makarov voice can also be heard in this teaser however his message for Berlin is the most exciting, atleast if this is what it means in any case – “Four. Attack from the unexpected point.” Hmm, from what I can make out, Berlin sounds like it’s the most difficult of the four targets to attack and therefore he’s suggesting that they should attack from the unexpected point. The fact that the action is shown as being taking place in the midst of the streets suggest that they’ve managed to find the weak spot and launched an offensive.

Now, this pretty much confirms that the setting of Modern Warfare 3 is a massive scale war, which covers continents at a stretch and threatens to shake the world to its core. This scope of such a setting is definitely much bigger than Black Ops and Activsion looks set to bring some fresh experiences for this year Call of Duty title. The teasers so far are rather interesting with so many hidden details present in them. Modern Warfare 3 is already looking far more interesting than Call of Duty: Black Ops ever was.

Update: Reader M3an has provided some details about the Berlin teaser. The building being blown up in the teaser might be the “Fernsehturm.” He’s also translated the German radio message for us – “…half a kilometer south of the bridge. They are engaging the [noise] quarters of the city.” Thanks for the help! You can read his full comment below.

Stay tuned for more updates as Infinity Ward releases more teasers of Activision releases more details. If you’ve discovered something interesting in the teasers, please do share them with us in the comments below.

  • m3an

    Sorry, I just got back now.
    Sadly, you got me wrong :-) The “Fernsehturm” is the big tower in far distance which is the “ah, this is Berlin”-effect for German viewers. I pointed out that the collapsing building isn’t a famous one.

  • ke8n

    uhm, I;m quite sure the france trailer has a conversation of french troops at the beginning not enemy forces. My french consist mostly of asking directions and buying bread, butter and milk and isn’t good enough to translate military jargon…

  • m3an

    Hi there,
    if you’re looking for the symbolic building in the Germany-Trailer, like the Big Ben standing for London, then it’s the “Fernsehturm” (
    The attacked building is so hard to recognize that I don’t think it has a special meaning (and I live in Berlin). Maybe it’s at Potsdamer Platz / Sony Center, but it doesn’t actually fit. Though the “Fernsehturm” is the equivalent to the Big Ben, Statue of Liberty and Eiffel Tour, it’s that building, the audience focus should be addressed to :-)

    The translation of the German radio transmission: “…half a kilometer south of the bridge. They are engaging the [noise] quarters of the city.” Followed by English transmission. Then:
    “Roger, we are engaging the bridge from the south…Enemy in sight!” Again English transmission.

    I hope, I could help :-)

    • Cyborg

      Hi M3an,

      Thanks for providing the in-depth analysis. We’ll add bits of it to our Berlin analysis.

      Readers like you, make us work even harder. Hope you see you around.