Most Gorgeous PS3 exclusives that everyone should play

We all know what the PS3 is capable of, but the following games show what the hardware can really do. Sony didn’t take a 250$ loss on the initial PS3s for nothing you know. PS3 lacked games in 2007 which failed to show off what it can do. It wasn’t till mid-2008 that the PS3s potential was shown to the world.

That’s right it was Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots which started the process.  It’s the first game in our list and deserves to be as well.

Let’s indulge in some visual bliss below –

Metal Gear Solid 4

Kojima’s masterpiece and a critically acclaimed game, this game made the PS3 a must own console in 2008. Such was the spellbinding effect this game had, that many popular game sites like IGN and Gamespot gave it a perfect score. It’s also my favorite game this gen.

But the one thing that really stood out was its graphics, considering the scope of the game and the fact that it came out in 2008. The graphics holds its own against many games this gen even today.

Uncharted 2

Mind blowing, it not only pushes the envelope but it’s a complete transformation from the first Uncharted, which was a good looking game in its own right, the game came out in 2009. Naughty Dog is undoubtedly the best PS3 developers out there, not only does it help the other studios but leads the way in tech itself.

Some of the screenshots above show exactly what I am talking about:

God of War 3

All we got were a few glimpses of this game and then eventually people realized that this is no ordinary game. Santa Monica studio was determined to make this the best God of War yet. That can be subjective but in the visual department God of war 3 is unmatched by any other hack and slash, yes we make this bold statement. From the detail on Kratos to the amazing world and Titans, everything was pretty.

Check out a few screenshots above to know why-

Gran Turismo 5

A technical masterpiece with 1080p support (1280*1080p), it’s a pinnacle of wizardry this gen. With 50k polygons on each beautifully rendered car, that are fit for PS4, GT5 has surpassed everything visually this gen. We can’t wait to get our hands on it.  Inclusion of weather makes it even better. There is nothing much to say but just to show you how beautiful it is.

Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain was a visual delight and noone can deny that. It featured some of the best facial expressions, character models and amazing lightning effects seen in any game yet. Backed by a stellar storyline and some rather visually impressive QTE sequences, it won the hearts of many. Heavy Rain might not be the best looking PS3 exclusive out there but it has really made a name for itself among the best looking games to have released this gen.

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  • Makeda Kores

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  • dainternets

    This entire list could have been shortened to say “The only 5 big name exclusive titles on PS3” I’ll stick with my 360 exclusives.

    …..annnnnnnnnddddddd… ragefacecommence

  • dave

    Heavy rains graphics at first glance a great but then you realize EVERYTHING is blurred…that was awful.

    By the way, who cares about Graphics? Uncharted 2 is so overrated, fantastic graphics and cutscenes but the gameplay was only decent. The gameplay was an 8 out of 10 at best but because of the graphic whores they all gave the game a 10 .

    I just preordered GT5 but it’s another game just setup to fail! I really hope it doesn’t but i wouldn’t be surprised. (because anything lower then a 9 is a fail for it…just like Microsofts Alan Wake)

  • Dudeo

    Don’t forget Little Big Planet, Naruto Storm and Infamous! All Triple AAA IMO.

  • Reigen

    what about kilzone2 and motorstorm2, i hawe all of the mentioned games xept heavy rain and kz3, and ican tell theyre just as good and better

  • Richard

    Where’s Valkyria Chronicles?! Visually one of the most unique, Hey people look at:
    L.A. Noire *PS3 Exclusive* from Rockstar Games!!

  • nate-dog7

    awesome list but I agree with the guys above…. valkyria chronicles should be on the list! i wouldn’t take anything off though, just add it

  • MWH

    that’s common sense :-)

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  • jellybalboa

    we should all do the following : buy an xbox 360 and a ps3. buy all the exclusive games on the ps3 but buy only pirated games for the 360. so microsoft suffers and ps3 wins. spread the word, its a war

  • WTF

    I’d definatelly add Killzone 2 to this list – definatelly the best looking PS3 game back to back with Uncharted 2. It should be here before MGS4 (which is quite subpar in 2010 terms) or Heavy Rain (which actually doesn’t impress on any level and has some pretty stiff facial expressions).

    Still, Halo Reach is an Xbox exclusive and on the visual level it currently tops them all. Here’s hoping that the arms race continues and that we’ll see better and better looking titles over the years. I can’t wait for Killzone 3 – the beta code already looks stunning!

  • Gamer_5670

    I’ll stick with my Xbox 360 exclusives, although it’ will be great to have GoW and GT5 on the Xbox

  • http://???? harry voutour

    i only play ps3 games they the best
    ps3 rules the universe psmove sick

    psn id angrystslayer


    LOL, no. Kinect has the best graphics EVER! The true definition of GAMING. Nothing can top it. NoTHING.

  • Johnnyboy

    Umm gran turismo 5 has around 500k polygons per car, not 50k.

  • dylantalon


    i buy 99% of the ps3 exclusives because they are all high quality game with amazing graphics and physics. to each his owhn but PS3 is the best console and best console and best platform for games full stop.

    xbl/psn- dylantalon

  • Mark

    Man, this just proves that the PS3 is the best console out there by a million miles, or even a million lightyears. The worst – looking PS3 game is still 100X better than the best – looking 360 game!
    Games like Killzone 3, Gran Turismo 5 and Uncharted 2 blow the hell out of any other game out there – console or PC. 360 games have last – gen graphics and look horrible and jaggy, PS3 games are graphics bliss!

  • Xbot

    Ridge Racer 7 a launch PS3 tittle 1080p game @ 60fps.
    Have I seen a game like this on the xbox 360 yet? Nope it’s impossible.

    We all knew PS3 was the most powerful system in the world since launch.

  • http://ng4 HUH?

    Valkyria Chronicles is better than some on that list… and Little big planet also just because its a must play.

  • MGSmarioPRO

    I got them all (the one’s already out) and they really need to be in all collection’s of people who like videogames. I like Resistance 2 but that would be the one i would take out of the list and put Valkyria Chronicles instead. And since you put future games i would add The Last Guardian.