Most Horrible Games of 2010 that you should never play

I Played all these games and I was like…

Yes, they stink. These are the most horrible games with some amount of hype behind them to have released in 2010. If you are yet to play any of them, consider yourself lucky. We have them all listed for you in one horrible list right here. Make sure to stay far far away if don’t want to end up being like the guy in the pic above.

Dark Void

Jetpacks in video games are nothing new but an entire game based on it (or atleast, that’s what they told us) is. Messing around with your jetpack was fun but the rest of the game reeked of poo. Shooting mechanics were absolutely atrocious and the game focuses more on shooting than flying. Too many sections of the game go on for too long without any jetpack sequences. Despite the extremely short length of the campaign, the game got stale due to repetitive enemies and dull shooting mechanics. The game had so much potential and failed to capitalize on even a fraction of it. The game was simply an unfinished product released to prove how you can royally fuck up a good idea.

Quantum Theory

Gamers aren’t stupid, they can smell a clone from a mile away. From the moment the debut trailer hit the net, gamers could tell that this was a lacklustre attempt to bring the Gears of War type of gameplay to the PS3. But this doesn’t make the list because it’s a rip off, it’s here because how poorly it does that ( the rip-off act). We wouldn’t mind the fact that it’s an exact clone a Gears of War as long as the game delivered. It would have been great if PS3 owners could experience at least a trifle of the unique experience offered by Gears.

But it looks like the developer didn’t even try to include anything original. Combat got repetitive after minutes, the story was absolute crap and god knows what else because I didn’t even bother to finish it. Only word to describe the game, Pathetic. Hell, they couldn’t even deliver on the graphics front, making it look worse than some PS2 games. Furthermore, the game just added to the fanboy war with Xbox 360 fans having the last laugh.

Dead or Alive : Paradise

We are not sure whether this belongs on the list as this doesn’t even qualify as a game. When you are playing a game at home which features impossibly proportionate girls having a blast at the beach, it’s obvious to everyone that you are just a big pervert. But that’s understandable, as many gamers will be holding crushes on DOA girls everywhere. I would have picked up the game myself if it wasn’t for the fact that I had to pay for it!

But when the same game is ported over to a portable console, we just need to scratch our heads. We fail to see the point as to why anybody would want to play this on the go. When graphics are the entire point of the game, porting it over to a portable console is a no brainer. You will be laughed at if you play this in public (which is the entire point of porting it over). If you just couldn’t get enough of the DOA girls and you didn’t own a 360, it’s a better idea to save up and buy a Xbox 360 and Xtreme 2. For those of you who actually bought the game, then I don’t need to tell you that you need to find a girl.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2

Every Star Wars fan shit his pants when they heard the announcement of The Force Unleashed 2. It was one of the most anticipated games of the year, and when the game finally hit the shelves, it proved to be another fest of mediocrity. While the game did offer a story which stood head and shoulders with the movies, it failed to deliver with its gameplay.

The final product proved to be yet another disappointment.  The combat was surprisingly redundant and the gameplay lacked variety. More importantly, the game butchered the Star Wars story arc which left Star Wars fans with a painful empty feeling deep inside. The story was a lame attempt to cash in on all the fanbase . Contrary, to what most critics say, if you are a die hard Star Wars fan, avoid the game like the plague. It doesn’t matter that you want to try it out for yourselves, you are gonna wish that you could wipe out all memories of the game from your brain by the time you finish it .Only those who aren’t a fan of Star Wars would enjoy this game. But that defeats the entire purpose, why would anybody buy this if they weren’t interested in Star Wars? Besides, who doesn’t like Star Wars? Sure, there were much worse games released this year but our expectations for this game were soaring in a galaxy far far away and crash landed on planet Trash when it actually released .

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  • Dawn Vibbard

    love your articles, they are great.

  • MoHandEAblow

    Why isn’t Medal of Honor 2010 on this list? It was the most rushed, faulty, glitchy, rushed out piece of crap shooter ever made.

  • hellfire

    Completely agree with you matt, this kinda stuff should not happen, period.
    however at least they didn’t just screw every person who bought the game and say oh its a flop and let it die, Lotr’s and warhammer online(don’t quote me on this, its what i have heard) come to mind here, SE has a reputation, they apologised to the fans and they made things right.

    The game is playable now and it is a really good game, as for the comment about the unfinished game, its a MMORPG so what you said doesn’t make sense. When have you ever seen a finished MMORPG? or a fnished MMORPG on release?, Surely all the games you mentioned had content added every few months?. FF14 was a bit lacking on release but still had enough to keep you occupied, the UI was terrible and this game should never have been released so early.

    I’m not here to defend the game i’m just giving an opinion, the game was terrible on release and justly deserved its reputation for that, but the game has changed so much i’m very surprised SE has managed this much already, as for content there’s a lot more now and more to come.
    I’m of the opinion that MMORPG’s should not be reviewed until after 6 months, but thats me.
    But slating a game on a website that is still developing and changing and will never reach a final product stage for many years to come is beyond me, just sounds to me the person who wrote the review has a personal vendetta against this game.

    I would laugh if ff14 gets one of the best games of 2011 on this website on ps3 release, now that would be very amusing

  • Azurer

    They haven’t even charged us to play yet. They understand about their problems and trying very hard to fix them. They already applied a huge update that fixed UI, lag etc. Next one is in a few weeks..Sure the game has problems, but they are trying their hardest to fix it.

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  • matt

    The only reason anyone plays ff14 is that its got the final fantasy branding.  Any other game company couldnt get away with it.

  • matt

    Not all mmo’s suck when they are released.  Warhammer Online, World of Warcraft, everquest 2, lotr online those were fine when they came out.

    You may get free months but paying for an unfinished games is still BS.

  • Exek

    They want to make money and dont provide quality? I play FFXIV since release and havent spent a single buck monthly fee. SE knows there are some problems, so they extended the 30day-free period to 90 days and just fixed alot. So only a moron, who wants to harm the success of this game would tell such a bs.

  • aaa

    Finaly th true: FF14 is the worst game ever

  • Hellfire

    Why is final fantasy 14 last on the list?
    its an MMORPG all MMORPG’s suck at the start.
    Truthfully all the bad bits have been fixed, Dec’s update is on the way and its shaping up to be a fantastic game, its a pity it was rushed, everyone knows it was, SE gave us 3 free months cause they knew this. I will admit we are beta testing the game, it had a terrible launch, but its surviving and growing. Review it again on PS3 launch you are gonna be very surprised.