Kinect won’t require power cable to run on older Xbox 360s

If you’re one of those who own an old Xbox 360 model and think that a extra power cable will be neccessary for Kinect to function properly with your console. Think again because we bring good news for you.

For several weeks, gamers have been confused as to how the power cable can be procured for Kinect to function properly with their console. Supplied with the camera? Sold separately? Taking advantage of these, some online retailers have even started selling cables for around $50 in their shop advertising the need to buy one if you want Kinect to work with your Xbox 360 Elite Pro or Arcade.

Well, Gamersmint can confirm that these power cable sold by those retailers is NOT required for Kinect to function with your console. Each box of Kinect comes bundled with the necessary equipment to run on any model of Xbox 360, including an adapter that will serve as a source of power for the older Xbox 360 models and can be connected to one of the three USB ports of your console.

If that’s still vague for you, let me break it down properly for you –

Microsoft has confirmed that people owning older models of Xbox 360s would require a second cable for power that will plug into one of your power outlets. BUT that does not mean you will have to buy it extra.

The Xbox 360 Slim has a special Kinect port on the back aswell as an additional USB port. The Kinect port on the newer models is essentially a USB port which serves as a power outlet and allows Kinect to derive power from the Xbox 360 itself instead of requring an outer power source. This is a simple process and hence Microsoft had advertised the Slims as being Kinect ready.

However, if you’re an owner of one of the Elites or older Arcades, the process isn’t much more complicated for you and you will absolutely NOT require anything which does not come bundled with Kinect. Just that instead of having one cable, you will have two cables! One will be the USB cable which connects Kinect to your Xbox 360 and the other will be a power cable that will connect Kinect to a outer power outlet as a normal USB cable isn’t capable of supplying the Kinect with adequate power to function properly. The outside power source is all that is required for Kinect to run smoothly with older models and the cable will come bundled with Kinect. It is as simple as that.

So there, now you know what you need to do when someone claims that a separate power cable is required to run Kinect with your dear Xbox 360, give them a kick in the ******

  • http://none Ben

    I think he is trying to say:

    If you buy the kinect sensor package then that will come with the power adaptor to plug into the wall. This will power it to connect to the old xbox 360.

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  • kevin

    Sack the editor what editor. what a load of shit i got new and old xbox so i do need s cable for my old box plank

    • Maira

      I have an xbox elite and cant plug my Kinect into it! Help! What kind of cable do I need to buy?

  • Danny h

    I bought a kinect off eBay and it was unknown to me part of the new package . Now the thing won’t work on my elite and there is certainly no cable or way of setting it up. The USB is not the same as a normal USB so wat am I supposed to do… Fork out again???

  • rahul

    well i bought a kinect and the kinect did not get a cable for the elite and so could i go to my nearest game shop and ask them if they have the cable

  • Belinda

    I absolutely agree, what a misleading title. I want to buy the bundle as I have an old xbox, but seeing as you need space with the kinect I want the old xbox in the living room with the kinect and the new xbox in my room. It turns out I need to buy another adapter to do this, and they are going for $80!! Absolute rubbish…. hopefully an ungenuine adapter will come out soon on eBay.

  • cooldude

    u do need an extra cable but u wont need to buy it it comes with the kinect:):):)

  • Punkinson

    Get your facts right before you publish information…

  • Dave Buster

    What a misleading title. You absolutely do need a power cable to run Kinect on an older XBOX (as stated in the body of your article)… and Kinects bundled with slims don’t come with a power cable (who cares if the only xbox you have is the slim it was bundled with – but it’s a big deal if you have another xbox and what to use  Kinect on it).
    Get your facts straight… I know, you’re just trying to make money of of advertising, I get it.

  • jon brat

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  • seanh

    kinect DOES require a power cable to be connected to an older xbox no matter what. I bought a xbox s and kinect bundle and it doesnt come with a kinect power cable. So I do require a power cable to run on older Xbox 360.

  • seanh

    the title says Kinect won’t require power cable to run on older Xbox 360s. can u tell me what is needed to play kinect on an older system.

  • MGR

    @FLIP Thank You, I didn’t know that Xbox360 supports USB hubs, thanks for the tip, it solves the problem.

  • Kacey

    thank you sooooooooooooo much i have been stressing over this for months

  • G4

    If you have your HD-DVD pluged in you will plenty of USB’s

  • FLIP

    my bad theres 4 new holes LOL>

  • FLIP

    @MGR or maybe you can just buy a USB splitter on ebay…. heres a good price

    you can put that behind and you’ll have 3 new holes.

    you wifi, kinect, and one extra.

  • MGR

    So if I have the old xbox 360 elite console, and I have the rear usb port in use with the wifi adapter I will need to connect Kinect through one of the front usb ports?!?!?! I would hate that, that could mean that now if I want to use Kinect I will have two options: 1. removing the wifi adapter or 2. having to see the ugly cable covering the xbox. Is that correct?

  • Dirk

    I wonder about the special KINECT connection on the 360 SLIM? Could it be an example of a USB 3.0 connection, but specially made for the 360?

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