New Trailer proves Gameloft’s exclusive Move game packs a punch


Could this game mark the coming of an amazing PS Move exclusive title?

Gameloft’s released a new trailer for their upcoming PS move exclusive titled, Modern Combat: Domination and although it reminds us of a certain Call of Duty, it still looks fun.

The trailer will have you gunning down a host of enemies, earning perks and killstreaks in the process. The visuals look impressive aswell.

Here are some of the features the game comes with:

Game Features:
• The most technical FPS gameplay on PlayStation®Network, based on skill and training.
• The first PSN-exclusive FPS using the PS Move motion controller.
• Enjoy 6 online modes from Team Deathmatch to Domination, with up to 16 players.
• The level design of the 5 different maps favors teams with genuine tactics and training.
• 72-level XP ranking system and unlockable equipment provide a constant challenge.
• 13 weapons from the military and 720p HD graphics allow for an impressive immersion in a modern-day conflict.

The game releases later this month and is exclusive to PS3.