Obsidian’s new project revealed, “Project Virginia”

A 3D artist’s resume has revealed that Obisidian’s hard at work making a new game.

Codenamed “Project Virginia”, the game is slated for a 2011 release.

Cochey Cantu, the 3D artist’s resume reveals the following details regarding the title:

Project Virginia (2011 Release)
– Helped identify visual style
– Led a small team of artists to accomplish artistic goals
– Worked under tight deadlines to get small internal project in order for release

Could this be a new Fallout title? Fallout: Virginia? We’ll have to wait and see.

Thanks, NeoGaf

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  • http://wirelessallinoneprinterreviews.com Willy

    I love fallout:new vegas but the glitch and bug is killing me, It’s so annoying when the game freeze. But I still llike the gameplay. Please fix bugs until it can be play with enjoyable.

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  • Unknown

    @ ManAnimalX
    KOTOR 2 was great, especially after they patched it.

    You probably never even played Alpha Protocol, so just stop embarrassing yourself because you decided to listen to the mainstream and their bullshit. If you liked Mass Effect, you’d like Alpha Protocol.

    Fallout: New Vegas was less buggy than Fallout 3 and it’s all because of the Gamebryo engine from Bethesda, which, if you bothered to think anything bad about Lord Bethesda, Oblivion used and was very buggy and glitchy too.

    Get your head out of your ass.

  • Max

    Lets not forget that apparently, Obsidian are working on a game based on the wheel of time series.

  • ManAnimalX

    Obsidian should just close its doors…they have “EPIC FAILED”, they Ruined KOTOR2, buggy, glithcy, half-baked game. The own original spy/rpg game was a COMPLETE, COMPLETE FLOPP!!, …then the unthinkable, they were responsible for the GLITCHY,BUGGY, half baked sequel to Fallout 3 : New Vegas……that spells to have just lost consumer confidence, and they will forever be known for these “EPIC Failures”… I already know which games i wont be purchasing in the future…..any game in association with this studio, PERIOD>