Possible Skyrim PS3 Lag Solution Revealed

It’s well known by now that several PS3 users who’ve spent a lot of time playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim have experienced lag and shuttering, making the game almost unplayable.

Although Bethesda’s released a patch claiming to have solved the issue, several reports indicates that it’s still a problem, and far from being solved. However, a user on Reddit has offered a possible solution to improve the performance if you’re experiencing the issues, and actually being able to play the game again if you’ve reached a point where the game completely freezes up.

A user on reddit told that disabling the auto-save options in the game, and deleting all corrupt saved data made his previously unplayable version of Skyrim work again. Here’s what he said

Just trying to help everyone know. I can finally play this game again. My file size was 13 MB after 140 hours clocked (granted, I have the bad habit of leaving my PS3 on while not playing) and it got to the point where the game would actually just freeze up without fail if I tried to wait, sleep, load a new area, or just leave my character idle. I was afraid it would f**k up my ps3, so I stopped playing for 2 days, until I read a few comments on various forums.

He then went on to offer the solution:

First, before you start the game, make sure all corrupted files are removed. From the XMB go to the Game menu, and scroll up to Saved Data Utility (PS3), from there you should be able to see files simply labeled “Corrupted File”, delete that shit.

Then load up Skyrim. Go to system options, then settings, then gameplay, and make sure to disable all 5 auto-save options.

He further confirmed that it worked for him, making the game playable again.

After I did that, I can finally play again. Finally finish that fuckin’ mission, and move on. Finally leave Whiterun.

Another user asked that if the player disables the auto-save option, then from where would the game load, as Skyrim loads up from the last auto-save location in case you die. The answer is pretty simple, if you’ve those option turned off, then it’ll load up from the last manual save point. So, if you indeed try this option up. Always keep a healthy manual save point as well as a regularly updated one. Use the back-up if things don’t work out with your regular one, and use the regular one normally unless you save at a very inappropriate time.

Do let us know if this method helps you whilst Bethesda tries to solve the issue. Previously, a dev who works on Fallout: New Vegas stated that Skyrim’s issues aren’t going to be solved easily.

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