President Obama Recieves ‘The Witcher 2’ From Poland

When the leader of another country comes to stay, it is customary to present them with some kind of gift to commemorate the visit, but I’m willing to bet that gift doesn’t usually come in the form of a videogame.

On President Barrack Obama’s recent visit to Poland, he was presented with a The Witcher 2 gift package which contained a copy of the videogame aswell as several other collectible to accompany it. The game is developed by renowned Polish developer CD Projekt.

The President obviously hasn’t had the chance to get his hands on the game yet but considering he’s a science fiction and fantasy lover and the game’s theme being based on those lines, with the protagonist’s role being played by a mutant named Geralt, who’s there to solve the problems of the human kind, it won’t be surprising if he gets to it as soon as he reaches home.

We recently reviewed The Witcher 2, giving it a full five stars, so definitely recommend that Obama gives it a try – running a country can’t take up that much of his time, so surely he can fit in a 30hour+ RPG somewhere!


  • Barack “Witcher” Obama

    All I can say about this game is…wow.What an awesome and fun video game.I wish Michelle was as sexy as Triss Merigold.Excuse me,I have to go get drunk and get a cool naked lady tattoo now.

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  • Kinga

    I live in Poland, I’ve played Witcher 2 nad I think that it was the best gift to give on this occasion. It’s surely better than suvenires from Cepelia givem to all tourists:) My government has shown from nice, fancy way.

  • Gaf

    A paragraph is too long for this trite nonsense. Who cares? I was even disappointed by the feeble attempts to make this a political statement in the comments. Yeah, assassins of kings, because he’s the king, or well, the president, or, well actually shut up!! Oh, and KKK says he deserves it? Good thing you called yourself KKK because we wouldn’t have known what you meant at all.

  • plr

    Assassins of kings??? you dont say. Maybe its a subliminal sign that someone is going to get buttbuttinated

    • Cyborg

      We see what you did there.

  • KKK

    Good one! …. must say he deserves it…..

  • DH

    LOL Assassins of KINGS……

  • Avi

    Very original I must say. Polish Prime Minister did great job. Cool present and free commercial : D

    Can’t wait for Obama’s comment.