PS3 exclusives which truly utilized Blu-Ray storage

Back in 2005 when the next generation of consoles were first announced, if somebody told us that games would use more than 20 GB of disk space, we would have told him to go suck on a salmon. How wrong we were! Hell at first, we didn’t even expect games to ship on Blu Ray discs until the PS3 came along.

Some games today were actually restricted by the 25 GB single layer Blu Ray capacity and had no choice but to resort to dual layer discs. Yet, you have developers who still managed to exploit that as well. That’s 400 billion 1s and 0s on a 5 and a half cm circular disc for you!

Most multiplatform games also utilize much more space on the PS3 than the 360, courtesy of uncompressed 7.1 Digital Surround Sound and higher bandwidth videos but it’s the PS3 exclusives that truly utilize the extra space on offer. Without further delay, here are the PS3 exclusives game that’s truly exploited and pushed the the limits as far as storage and content goes for PS3 games:

8. Killzone 2: 12.40 GB

Killzone 2 is the best looking FPS on the PS3 and according to Guerrilla Games, each Killzone 2 level was 2gb in Size. The campaign didn’t have many different environments so yeah 12GB seems to be proper. Although Killzone 3 might very well ship with 30GB on a disc who knows.

7. MotorStrom: 14.72 gb

15 GB isn’t much when stacked up against today’s releases, but at the time of its launch, this was unheard of. Even PC games at the time didn’t occupy more than 10 GB.

6. Resistance 2: 18.42 GB

Resistance 2 is simply loaded with tons of features so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that its the FPS which occupies the most space on the market. Insomniac truly took the PS3 exclusive to another level thanks to the ready availability of a Blu-Ray drive on the PS3.

5. Uncharted: Drakes Fortune: 20.63 GB

Yet another title which launched in the first year of the PS3′s life cycle, Uncharted: Drakes Fortune was a life saver for the console. It was the biggest leap a game had made in terms of graphics on Sony’s black box and gave us a glimpse of what was ahead.

4. Gran Turismo 5: 20 GB

Considering the staggering amount of features this game has, it’s hard to imagine the game is just 20GB in size. Forza 3 was 12GB as well, so it’s not that bad after all. It needs a 10GB installation according to the developers to shorten load times. But who cares? The game won’t be out of your drive for at least a month. A game which truly utilizes the Blu-Ray disc.

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  • Hugo Stiglitz

    Their number for resistance 2 is wrong. Insomniac said R2 was double the size of Rfom which was 17.5 GB so R2 has to be 35 GB

  • Julius Guthrie

    well, I know it’s pointless coming here to comment here but whatever, I was just looking for a list of the Dual Layer games, and Uncharted 3 comes to mind, current record holder for the largest game ever made at 49+GB

    • Hugo Stiglitz

      I think MGS 4 is 50 GB

      • Julius Guthrie

        no, MGS4 only used 33 (still heaps!) didn’t you read the second page of the list?

        • Julius Guthrie

          that’s with compression too, though

        • Hugo Stiglitz

          Well there’s a number of games on this list that have the size wrong. Don’t know where they got their info but a lot of this is wrong

  • MGSFan

    OMG! The picture in the MGS4 sentence! in my MGS4 disc, Snake was shaved, i think this is why my MGS4 30 GB only

  • LBDz

    Thanks for the ifo people. ;o)… Is there a list of PS3 games with how much Disc space used ?

    • Cyborg


      There’s no list readily available at the net which details such info, however you can tell us which games that you wanna know about, we’ll see what we can do. :)

  • xino

    didn’t this site recently made a similar article not a while ago!?

    they probably don’t have nothing much to do

  • Lelo

    Regarding the GOW 3 cutscenes, you guys are wrong… There are a couple pre -rendered cutscenes… but every one of them was done with the game engine… thats why most of the people do not notice… if you use an alternative costume you’ll see which cutscenes are real-time and which are pre -rendered… but thats no big deal… 

  • Sparven

    Lol @ MGS statement… It uses the whole 50 GB disc… 33.2 GB is used for the game itself and the rest is uncompressed music files and the dialogues…

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  • ashik

    Heavy Rain is 24.5 gb, so plz include it on your list.

    Ratchet & Clank Future: A crack in Time is also 24.7gb like direx said.
    Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction is 23 gb

    FFXIII is the biggest of them all : 44.5gb [European version],but its not an exclusive,so makes sense…

    @LBDz, infamous is 7.6gb, u can download it from us psn.

    • Cyborg

      Hi Ashik,

      Thanks for the heads-up. Done

  • direx

    Ratchet & Clank Future: A crack in Time round 25GB…

    • Cyborg

      Hi Direx,

      Can you provide us with any proof that is uses that much of space. We can add it if its true. Thanks

  • elbeasto86

    Infamous uses about 6.5 gb (according to the PSN downloadable version of it.) and I doubt Modnation Racers uses that much.

  • LBDz

    How about Modnation Racers, Infamous, ? Do they use a lot of space?

    • Cyborg

      Hi LBDz,

      Infamous uses around 7GB of disc space and Modnation Racers is roughly 9GB in size. Hope that helps.