PSJailbreak in high demand, gets “sold out”

In a rather interesting turn of events, it has come to our notice that shoppsjailbreak ( operating out of the USA ) has gone “out of stock” due to high demand of the USB device among consumers. It seems like the USB irrespective of its high price is being bought like hot cakes and the website has the following notice up for people wanting to order the USB device  –

***NEWS UPDATE: We are sorry to say that we are currently not accepting sales online for the PS Jailbreak as we are currently out of stock.
We have been informed by ********** that our next shipment of PS Jailbreaks is going to arrive on Monday August 23rd 2010.
Until then, we are only accepting reservations so we can guarantee that we will put a PS Jailbreak aside for you as soon as they come in on Monday, you will then be contacted on Tuesday and asked to place your order online at ***********
In order to get a reservation simply email us at ********
ALL customers who send an email to that address are going to be contacted on Monday when we receive stock, and are GUARANTEED a PS Jailbreak.

Until their next shipment arrives, they are not recieving any further orders. It’s really amazing how confidently they are going about this, considering the fact that Sony won’t leave any stone unturned in order to find a counter to this device, however what is more shocking is that people are desperate enough to back-up games on their PS3 that they are willing, not only to pay such an exorbitant price but also risk any further consequences that they might face as a result of using it.

IF something screws up or this USB device becomes “invalid” in the future, they will only have themselves to blame. We hope Sony gets to the bottom of this soon enough and makes the offenders face the music. Till then, we will have to watch this so called “Jailbreak” USB device do brisk business throughout the world. Let us know your thoughts regarding this in the comments tab below –

UPDATE – To know all that has been revealed so far regarding this USB device and what possible outcomes it might have for Sony, please go through this post

UPDATE 2 – We would like to warn our dear readers NOT to order this device from the above mentioned site since this all might be a setup to fool consumers into buying this accessory. Gamersmint has no concrete data which can confirm that this site is indeed out of stock and this report has been made merely out of the claims that the website has put up themselves. Please tread cautiously and stay clean.

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  • xino

    that site is so fake,
    i know those types of design.

  • Mindbendo

    Just ban the damn consoles before GT5 is out, and do not ban the PSN ID’s, just like MS does….is good for sales:) At least they make a profit on every PS3 sold these days.

  • MWH

    Viva La Revolución.

  • Yo

    Sony Will find a solution but after millions PS3 get Hacked and Hackers find another Solution.
    it can not be invalid in future because u can Ignore next Frimware and a patch for some games that require frimware to run and like this sony’s GONE.
    i don’t believe you fanboys, why u didn’t say word like these to microsoft ? why didn’t you say microsoft come with new idea ?

  • Cyborg

    I am sure, Sony will find a solution pretty soon and all these guys will have to do with staring at this device and lament the fact that they paid more than 120$ to purchase it. It would have been better spent buying og games for the ps3. 

  • Karooo

    This is not good for sony but lets see what they do