Rumour : Devil May 5 to be announced at TGS 2010

A website calling themselves Xboxic claims to have stumbled upon a highly “classified” file while wandering in one of the show floors of the ongoing Gamescom event. According to them, it contained exclusive information regarding Devil May Cry 5 and it’s development. Details in the file suggested that the game is currently undergoing development at Capcom’s internal studios and is not at Ninja Theory’s studio as is the popular belief.

It further reveals that an official announcement would be made during the Tokyo Games Show this year to be held at…well Tokyo! That’s about one month from now!

Although, the site claims that this piece of information is pretty solid and as good as confirmed but we don’t get it to be honest. We fail to understand how such a piece of info can be found…of all places in the Gamescom showfloor. However, even though we don’t know how credible this source is, we will still place this under the “rumours” category and spread the word nonetheless.

If it is true by any chance, then we for one are pleased that it’s not being developed by Ninja Theory, the reasons for which are better left undisclosed. Let us know what you think about the credibility of this rumour below.