Rumour : Tomb Raider reboot in development, set in Japanese Island

PC Gamer’s latest rumour column “The Spy” claims to have discovered a treasure of details on the next Tomb Raider.

According to the column, Crystal Dynamics is planning a reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise and it will be a completely new game with no relations with the downloadable title which was recently released.

The ninth series game of Lara Croft would be fresh and take a more radical approach according to the Magazine.  Lara will not be travelling through a series of linear levels in the new game, actually far from it. According to their sources the brand new Tomb Raider will be set in a sandbox/open world setting and will take place in a Japanese island which Lara can explore at will. Lara will once again need to unravel countless puzzles and navigate through difficult terrain with lots of platforming opportunities. But, the game will offer multiple paths for her to take rather than being linear in its setting. This enables her to either use stealth to her advantage or engage in combat head-on.

The Spy goes on to state that it’ll serve as a prequel to earlier Tomb Raider games and would reveal the origins of Lara, with a more younger and inexperience Croft being put into the game rather than the skilled and experienced treasure hunter that we all can relate to.

However, these still fall under rumours but Gamersmint also has some solid evidence which points towards this “scenario” as very possible indeed.  Earlier rumours which surfaced back in June about an reboot of the franchise scheduled for a June release also add weight to these rumours.

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Source – PC Gamer Magazine