Saints Row 3: First Images leaked

Three images which appear to be posters of THQ’s yet to be announced game, Saints Row 3 have made it way to the internet.

According to a thread at GAF, these are “possibly” designs for the cover of Game Informer which will be running a cover story about the game in one of its upcoming issues.

A sharp forum member had explained why it might turn out to be GI”s cover:

Almost everything is shoved in the right half, which would make a lot of sense for a Game Informer cover, and it would explain why they delayed the reveal and suddenly refused to acknowledge the game’s existence a lot more than before, since Game Informer requests stuff like that.

That makes sense to us. Whatever it’s, the game is set to be unveiled soon and fans should get excited.

By the looks of the poster, it seems Johnny Gat will be back in the sequel to the popular Saints Row 2.

Let us know what you think of the poster and if you’re excited about the game below.

Thanks, GAF

  • D’sean

    i think that its going to be more wacky? i liked the gangster ones more

  • Niko Bellic

    Meh… I’ll wait for GTA V.

  • jensen86

    i hope that planes heading for england

    • Kartik Mudgal

      Hmm good point

  • Impatient

    Of all the games out now, or comming out, there are only 2 that I REALLY WANT: Saints 3 and Just Cause 3. I’m getting tired of the ‘corridor’ games.