Sleeper Hits of 2010, The Best This year Had to offer

Gamersmint takes a look at the sleeper hits of 2010, games which didn’t have big marketing budgets or a hype train following it before release and yet managed to be commercially successful thanks to the sheer amount of content and fan approval it got upon release. The devs of these games laughed all the way to the bank but people didn’t expect them to do so.


Estimated Sales: 1.5 Million units

Early footage of Darksiders led everyone to believe that Darksiders was another cheap God of War clone. The fact that it was releasing around the same time as God of War III didn’t help either. The genre saw more releases during the first quarter of 2010 then the past few years preceding it. It was easy for Darksiders to get lost amidst the crowd but the developers cleverly managed blend the exploration of Zelda and the combat of God of War to deliver a one of a kind experience. Thanks to great critical and commercial success, Darksiders is well on its way to establishing a seminal franchise.


Estimated Sales: 1.5 Million units

Despite the retarded title and absurd setting, everybody had high expectations for the new action adventure from Devil May Cry creator, Hideki Kamiya. But nobody expected it to become the new benchmark for action games to follow. Bayonetta matched the best aspects of all your favourite Hack n Slash games. It had the over the top action of DMC, a combat system which was just as in depth as Ninja Gaiden, and the epic set piece moments of the God of War Series.  Bayonetta was the complete package and reached platinum status within a few months, something which even some first party exclusives fail to accomplish.

Super Meat Boy

Estimated Sales: N/A

“A cube shaped boy made of meat setting out on a perilous journey to save his girlfriend from the evil Dr. Fetus.”  It’s impossible to take the game seriously after hearing its plot. Super Meat Boy is the type of game which you would expect to be targeted at casual and young gamers.  But wouldn’t you know it; it was the best downloadable game of 2010. The game demands split second reflexes and even brought full grown men (including us) to their knees. Sure, the game was released way back in 2008 on the Newgrounds website but it only managed to make its mark when it was released for the Xbox 360 and PC this year. Check out our review to see why this one is worth every penny.

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  • Joshua Wills

    3D Dot Game Heroes – published by Atlus and developed by From Software: the makers of Demon’s Souls. No one knows about it, yet the game is awesome in every way. It’s the ultimate love letter to retro videogames. A definite buy. Check out the trailer. (

  • MatthewMk2

    WTF? No Singularity? SINGULARITY!!!!!! Best Game of the year IMO.


    Finally, someone mentions Darksiders! Game was awesome, deserves way more love.

  • Kartik Mudgal

    In terms of quality.

  • Santini

    When you wrote about Super Meat Boy: “But wouldn’t you know it; it was the best downloadable game of 2010″, how was it the “best”? Units sold? Best reviewed? I friggin love the game, I’m just curious why you wrote this.