Some Call of Duty: Black Ops buyers got screwed by Activision


Way to give purchasers a “unpleasant” surprise right there!

As you can see in the picture (sent by Martin) above, the card which comes with the Hardened Edition of the game doesn’t include the DLC download codes for Avatar and Zombie map packs and only has a blank space! Is this a genuine fuck up on Treyarch and Activision’s part or do we actually need to read this card in moonlight or on a particular day for words to appear magically? Take a guess.

We don’t how how many copies are affected by this, so if you got a brand new Hardened Edition for COO: Black Ops, you better check if your codes are intact or well…not there at all!

Let us know if you have been affected too in the comments section below-

  • Brendan

    What the hell would they do this this shit? I think they do this kind of shit on purpose just for us to buy another copy because I brought it back to Gamestop where I live and they said I did that myself. What the hell is wrong with people? This is the manufactures fault NOT ours, they are to be blamed for this dumb little stunt they pulled. Th prestige edition is what I got and is not even worth $150 because the RC-XD broke in less than 20 min of usage and the 2 codes to redeem the avatar and maps were just like the picture above???? What the hell is wrong with people, are gaming companies scamming now too!?

  • tim

    yeap, same thing happened to me sadly i tried to exchange my package for another at gamestop but they said they didn’t have any extra’s so looks like i’m screwed…. thanks ^_^ :(